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In a world filled with distractions, people are longing for genuine connection and tools that really work! The impact Joy will have on your audience will be profound and visible, leaving them feeling uplifted, energized, and ready to take action.

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Joy Stone is a certified Yoga Psychology and Positive Psychology Coach, a Yoga/Meditation Teacher, a Bestselling Author, and a Speaker.

Joy is the author of two best-selling books, "Releasing Self-Doubt" and "If I'm So Spiritual, Why am I Still So Anxious?". She also hosts the wildly popular podcast "Wake UP with Joy Stone".

Joy's approach combines Eastern wisdom such as yoga, yoga psychology and meditation with Western positive psychology. Her unique framework serves as a complete blueprint for holistic healing, mental and emotional wellbeing, fostering personal power, self-awareness, authenticity, and freedom from anxiety, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. 

She has a genuine ability to authentically connect with her audience, delivering transformational wisdom and teaching new tools and strategies in a captivating and engaging manner.


When Joy speaks she teaches!

This is what sets Joy apart as one of the most memorable and impactful speakers you can book.

Phoebe Atkinson

Psychotherapist & Ambassador for Wholebeing Institute and Liaison for JCC Manhattan

Joy is an outstanding presenter. Her teachings are clear and grounded and she strikes a wonderful balance between science and application thru her unique blending of yoga psychology, mindset and positive psychology based programs. I was moved by the way Joy shared her own story in such a powerful and practical way to illustrate and teach our group at JCC Manhattan about positive habit change. I highly recommend working with Joy!

Steve Sloan

Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo


I have worked with Joy over a number of years, in a 1:1 setting and with teams that I led in my professional career.

Joy brings expertise across a number of areas to her teachings, including yoga, meditation/mindfulness, and positive psychology. She helps individuals and teams develop skills to better handle stress and anxiety, and provides tools for understanding how to live a life of intention, aligned with values.

I found Joy’s background in the corporate world particularly helpful in the sessions she led for my work teams. She has an authentic and accessible approach to leading individual and group sessions, putting her clients at ease right from the start.

The feedback I received from members of my team was uniformly positive. And on a personal note, I can attest that Joy was instrumental helping me to navigate a major life change, as I transitioned into retirement after a long career in banking.

Giovanna Suastegui

Community Director, National Apartment Association, Nashville.


Joy Stone is not only a pleasure to work with. She brings a positive and empowering approach to every day obstacles and how to turn them into opportunities for growth. She is engaging and presents in a way that resonated deeply with myself and our team.  She gave us not only practical tools, but lasting ones that continue to help us manage team stress and increase our happiness, teamwork and communication to get better results in both our business goals and personal lives. 

I highly recommend having Joy speak at your next team meeting, conference or event. 

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As a highly-respected thought leader in transformational wisdom, Joy brings over two decades of speaking, and coaching experience to the table. She has helped hundreds of individuals transition from surviving to thriving with her one-on-one coaching & enhanced workplace peace and profitability through her numerous speaking engagements and workshops with large corporations and small businesses alike.

Joy embodies the principles she teaches, and her proven methods have garnered numerous testimonials of businesses and individuals going from fear to freedom in all aspects of their lives.

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Signature Topics

Elevate Your Reality: Become the Power Behind Your Dreams

This transformational talk will encourage and teach participants to recognize and harness their own agency and power in shaping their reality through intentional thoughts, emotions, and actions. By understanding and applying the principles discussed in the talk, attendees can shift from a passive mindset to an empowered one, realizing that they have the ability to consciously create the life they desire.

Building Inner Peace: Inspiring Yourself to Thrive & Say Goodbye to Stess and Anxiety 

This activating talk challenges the outdated belief that stress and anxiety are inevitable byproducts of modern life, instead emphasizing that they are optional responses influenced by our perceptions and mindset. Attendees will learn to shift from a mindset of survival to one of thriving, understanding that they have the power to navigate challenges with ease and transform fear into freedom. By exploring techniques to manage energy rather than focusing solely on problems, participants will gain valuable insights into fostering resilience, finding balance, and embracing a more empowered approach to life.

Wellbeing Drives Workplace Success: Empower Your Team for Peak Performance, Profitability and Peace 

This interactive talk will end the myth that success at work requires sacrificing wellbeing. Instead, we'll discover how prioritizing employee wellbeing leads to increased productivity, creativity, and resilience. By fostering a culture of wellbeing, both employees and employers win: employees experience greater fulfillment and work satisfaction, while employers benefit from improved engagement, creativity, and ultimately, enhanced business performance.

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