Soul Session

Maybe it's a way of thinking or feeling that is holding you back. Maybe it's a challenging relationship, difficulties in communication, struggles with setting boundaries, or the fear of expressing your true desires. It could also be anxiety, stress, self-doubt, or constantly second-guessing yourself that's making life harder for you.

But here's the thing - you have the power to make a breakthrough. Whether it's in your wellbeing, health, mindset, purpose, or business, you know deep down that there's a change you need to make. You're ready to let go of the triggers and old patterns that have been holding you back, so you can finally move forward.

In this 90-minute SOUL session, I will guide you on how to release what no longer serves you and create the new way of being that your soul craves. No more living on repeat! Instead, you'll gain the tools and insights to finally breakthrough! 

If you're ready to leave "it" behind for good, book this session with me.

✔️ As a bonus, you'll receive a recording of the session to keep forever.

✔️ You will also receive a mantra, mudra, meditation and personal practice

Once you submit your payment, I'll send you an email with a link to my calendar, where you can book your session at a time that works for you.


$333.00 USD

This is not therapy. This is coaching. Joy Stone is a certified positive psychology coach and yoga therapist. If you are seeking more clinical help please reach out to a mental health professional. Payment for this session is final and no refunds available. All intellectual and physical content is the property of Joy Stone Coaching and may not be shared or distributed with out permission.