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Are you a spiritual seeker who's made personal progress, but still struggles with anxiety, fear or self doubt?

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Hi, I'm Joy.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach helping spiritual seekers, just like you, who have done all the things, but self-doubt, people-pleasing, fear, anxiety or uncertainty still prevents them from fully experiencing the meaningful, joyful and fulfilling lives they are trying to create.

Powerful, Transformational, Soul-Centered Coaching: Private Coaching, Group Coaching, Courses, Membership - and Soul Centered Success Academy (with heart).

Tap into the greatest parts of yourself. Create lasting powerful change from the inside-out. 

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A Success Mindset

Your mindset is your operating system. Master your mindset, and learn to positively influence every area of your life

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Soul Centered Success

Reconnect to your inner guidance system with spiritual principles, and architect your life story from the inside out.

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Self-Care Habits

The most vital relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Self-Care = Power (Energy)

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My Soul's Calling

Within each of us in an unlimited supply of confidence, wisdom and joy. But for years I was blocked by anxiety, self-doubt and fear.

Years ago in my sales career, I had what should have made me happy, but I wasn't. No matter how much stuff I collected or how many promotions I received, I continued to feel the fear and anxiety of not being good enough. 

In my 20's I experienced an emotional and spiritual bottom that caused me to seek out and study with some of the greatest thought leaders and spiritual teachers in the world. These encounters set me on a path of discovering that inner confidence, wisdom and joy - and changed the course of my life... 

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What People Are Saying About Working With Joy 

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Jane Bondurant - Attorney

"My coaching experience with Joy Stone was truly a game changer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I feel like it was the best decision I've made since law school!"

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Susie T. - Administrator

"I have never made as much progress as I have working with Joy. She is knowledgeable, practical and encouraging and has made a real difference in my life. Don't hesitate to work with her."

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Kathy Wood - Teacher

"I've attended countless workshops and retreats and read dozens of self help books. No person or strategy has ever made as much difference in my life as the coaching work Joy and I have accomplished."

Discover Your Inner Power In Every Area of Your Life

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Soul Subscription - Join Joy every month!

Join Joy's virtual MONTHLY spiritual and personal development workshop and coaching session from the comfort of your home! Plus get access to an EXCLUSIVE soul subscription monthly podcast, mid-month Q&A and mind-body practices like yoga, meditation and breathing...

Plus as a BONUS with your Soul Subscription membership you'll receive FREE lifetime access to the Complete Master Your Mindset Online Course ($75 value)...

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Private Coaching - Work Privately with Joy

Are you a spiritual seeker but still struggle with anxiety? Are you ready to commit to a new process of deep and lasting change, from the inside-out? 

If you really want to take new action, I encourage you to schedule a free 60-minute coaching consult. Show up for YOU because you are 100% ready to find a solution to what is holding you back. Imagine saying, "I'm not anxious anymore because I feel connected to my inner truth and confidence" 

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Courses & Mastermind (Live & Online)

I offer workshops and courses, on positive mindset, soul-centered success and personal & spiritual development. Through my courses, coaching and programs you'll learn spiritual principles and science based fulfillment strategies. Select the course, workshop or program that is best for you and learn from the comfort of your home... Mastermind coming in 2020!

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FREE Access: Take lesson one, "Defining Mindset" of my Master Your Mindset Online Course!

Course session includes one, 1-hour-long in-depth audio lesson, introduction video and custom workbook. During the lesson I'll define mindset and help you identify the current condition of your mindset and how it's influencing your life right now. Then, I'll teach you how to begin to transform your mindset (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) so you can actually change the direction, quality and success of your life!


doTERRA Essential Oils

I use doTERRA oils exclusively for mind-body support and in my daily spiritual practice. doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure and made with 100% integrity.

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