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Sought-After Positive Psychology Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker, Joy Stone is your heart-centered guide to liberate yourself from fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, to create life-changing and soul-shifting breakthroughs that will take your life from enduring to enjoying, struggling to succeeding, and surviving to thriving! Are you ready?

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You appear to be fine on the outside, but inside you’re overwhelmed, overthinking, and struggling with fear and self-doubt. It's time to break free! Read Joy Stone's bestselling book today and learn how to leave behind old thought patterns and behaviors, find your center, and reclaim your confidence and joy - for good!

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 #1 international  bestselling book.

Packed with personal stories + soulful and science-based strategies, my book will teach you how to conquer fear and make changes that will increase your confidence and joy - permanently! If you enjoy the first three chapters, please consider buying the book.

This is YOUR One Precious Life.

Are you ready to have more joy? 

I have helped hundreds of soulful men and women create life changing, soul shifting transformations from the inside-out. 

Your heart knows the way.

You, my friend, have a beautiful new future that is waiting for you to architect - and it won't look anything like your past.

I would love to be your guide. 

Am I a life coach? Yes! 

Am I a success coach? Yes!

Am I a spiritual teacher? Yes!


Hi, I'm Joy Stone

I’m the author of the #1 international Amazon bestseller, If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?: How to Find Your Center and Reclaim Your Joy, and #1 Amazon bestseller, Releasing Self-Doubt.

My work has been featured in places like LA Yoga Magazine, Wholebeing Institute, Huffington Post, YogaUOnline, and numerous podcasts and blogs. 

In addition to writing, I also coach clients privately, and I am the founder of the popular in-depth group coaching program, From Fear to Freedom.  Click here to learn more and apply for a free coaching consult.

As a professional speaker some of my previous clients include Wells Fargo, National Apartment Association Nashville, Camp Reinvention, and others. Click here to learn more and submit a speaking request.

My unique blend of mindset mastery, personal development, success principles, and soul work is an empowering approach for those who are ready to apply proven steps to greater confidence, clarity, fulfillment, success, and a deep sense of joy!

If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself. 

Alignment = A Beautiful Life.

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Your mindset is the most important operating system for your life. It all begins with you, my friend! Claim your free training and start creating more of the life you want today!

I'm best known for helping people with...

Mindset & Success Strategies 

Nothing influences your life more than the your mindset & daily habits! 

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Confidence & Inspiration 

Liberate yourself from fear and doubt, and increase your confidence & joy.

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Self Care + Soul Work

Everything is energy. How you feel impacts every outcome in your life! 

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Fran Mercadal

"Before working with Joy I was incredibly anxious about my future. I felt like I was running in a never-ending circle of hopelessness, and trapped in a lifestyle  I didn't know how to get out of. Through my work with Joy, I developed the confidence and courage to leave a situation, that before working with Joy, I believed was impossible to change. After working with Joy I am more joyful and happy. I feel confident and secure for the first time in a long time. Joy helped me change behaviors that were causing me to feel stuck and more anxious. She showed me how to take control of my life, no matter what is going on around me. She truly taught me a new way of life where I feel more hopeful and in charge." 

Jane Bondurant

"My coaching experience with Joy Stone was truly a game changer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I reached out to her when I found myself in a “slump” that I couldn’t seem to emerge from on my own.  As a result of the coaching, I have a new enthusiasm for my life.  With her help, I have incorporated a daily routine that really works for me. My outlook is positive and I am enjoying the fruits of her coaching in various areas of my life that needed a tune-up. I have new tools available to me that help me live the abundant and fulfilling life I want. I thought long and hard before investing in myself. I feel like coaching with Joy was the best investment I’ve made since I decided to go to law school!"

Cathy Wood

"My journey with Joy began one day when I typed into google how I was feeling (which was down & out & lost) and Joy’s name popped up. I read everything on her website & then signed up to work with her. Fast forward to today. I've moved from New York State to Virginia (something I’ve wanted to do since 2010) & rented an apartment. I cannot remember the last time, if ever, I have felt as happy as I do now!  I’ve been to many coaches over the years & no one or no strategy has ever made as much sense or difference in my life that the work Joy and I have accomplished. I've learned to break habits that have been with me for decades. I am now very mindful of my thoughts, my emotions, my reactions. I have taken take control of all aspects of my life and my happiness!"


Together we are going to help you gain freedom from fear, get clear on your purpose, create a positive vision for your future, plus a step-by-step soulful and strategic plan to get you there - with lots of  joy, balance, and triumphs along the way!

You will leave the coaching experience transformed - believing in yourself and knowing that anything is possible.

Are you in for this?  

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