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Discover the difference between endlessly "working" on yourself and truly learning to live at the level of PEACE.


When All The Self-Help Isn't Helping — It's Time to Work With Me 


As a spiritual coach specializing in yoga psychology and positive psychology, I guide women to deep, lasting healing on a soul level (often misunderstood, but is most definitely the missing piece!).  This journey unlocks a path to true peace, life harmony, and self-knowledge.


Connecting Women With Their Power

Transformative Spiritual Coaching Services at Joy Stone Coaching


At Joy Stone Coaching, I specialize in spiritual coaching that ignites deep, lasting, transformative life changes.

My offerings range from 

- 90-minute Soul Sessions: Break through specific patterns or blocks and cultivate more inner peace.
- Tailored Coaching Packages and Intensives: Designed for deeper and more comprehensive transformations.
- Soul Subscription Membership: Offers ongoing live support and resources for sustained personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.
- Signature Programs: A selection of programs that allow you to explore and grow at your own pace.

I'm here to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Soul Sessions: 90 Minute Private Session

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Soul Subscription: Membership for Women Only

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Our Next Masterclass is Happening THIS Monday, July 15th - HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS. & Our Next Immersion, ANCHORED, begins July 22. (Join LIve or watch the Replays!)

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Have you tried everything — yoga, meditations, retreats, breathing practices, therapy — but your anxious mind is still secretly making your life difficult? What if you could finally break free from the exhausting hamster-wheel of overthinking, indecision, and self-doubt ... for good? You can! And I am going to teach you how in my bestselling book — even if you've tried everything else without success. 

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Hi, I'm Joy 

Certified in positive psychology, yoga psychology (the study of the soul), yoga, and meditation, I am also the author of two books, including the bestselling "If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?" My teachings blend Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices, fostering awareness of our innate confinance, freedom and joy, while using our lives as the curriculum to awaken to who we really are without allowing all the things that have "happened to us" to cloud our vision and life purpose. It brings me great joy to share the wisdom I have gained and the insights I have discovered through my own journey.

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