In a world where challenges abound, self-love emerges as the ultimate remedy. Where silence fosters shame, connection is the medicine.


SOUL SUBSCRIPTION - A membership for women like you — soul led and self aware, yet seeking more inner-peace and self-belief. 

You are in the right place.



Soul Subscription is more than a membership.

It's a haven overflowing with peace practices, heart-centered mentorship, and a sisterhood that will enable you to plug back in to your true self.


Amidst the rise of burnout, distractions, anxieties, depression, addictions, feeling lost, and loneliness, Soul Subscription provides the essential elements for soul-level healing, connection, and thriving: time-honored sacred principles from yoga psychology, meditation, spirituality, holistic strategies grounded in positive psychology, and the warmth of a supportive community, and daily mentorship, all while fostering self-compassion.

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Soul Subscription is a place where you can let down your walls, emotionally and mentally reset, and nurture your deepest insights, intuition, and wisdom.


Providing everything you need to cultivate unshakable inner-peace, unwavering self-confidence, and unconditional self-love in every aspect of your life. 


Rooted in ancient yoga psychology (the study of the soul), which teaches  that when you truly know yourself, you can live with remarkable steadiness and fluidity.

You become anchored in an unshakable inner confidence and certainty, unaffected by the ever-changing circumstances of your outer life.

This is true freedom and peace.


Soul Subscription supports you in doing your life's deepest work...


✔️ Anchoring into more predictable peace, confidence, and self-love.

✔️ Healing, aligning, and elevating your soul's journey in becoming the confident, happy, heart-centered, intuitivie, grounded, and fulfilled woman God became you to be.

✔️ Gain authentic solutions that truly empower you from within, moving beyond surface-level fears and problems.

✔️ Navigate life's challenges with unwavering conviction and clarity.

✔️ Feel more energized, focused, and self-assured to pursuing your personal dharma or purpose.

✔️ Live each day knowing you are worthy, significant, and belong - no matter what. 

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The Three Pillars of Soul Subscription:

1. Mentorship & Coaching: Engage in personalized guidance to navigate your journey.

2. Teachings, Principles, and Practices: Explore foundational wisdom and transformative practices.

3. Positive, Like-Minded Community: Connect with a supportive and uplifting community of women.


The Three Components of Soul Subscription:

1. Live Component:
- Monthly LIVE Masterclass
- Monthly Live Group Coaching & Dharma Talk
- Daily Members-Only Podcast
- Immersions

2. Community:
- Access to a private channel (not on social media) for connecting and learning from a supportive, positive, and like-minded community of women.

3. On-Demand Learning Resources:
- Over 75 hours of yoga classes, guided meditations, and breathing practices.
- Masterclass replays, mini-courses, yoga psychology, positive psychology, healing, and manifesting tools.
- Guest speakers and a yoga sutra library.

 And instant access to these BONUS masterclasses and immersions

And much more inside

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Hello, I'm Joy Stone

Certified in positive psychology, yoga psychology (the study of the soul), yoga, and meditation, I am also the author of two books, including the bestselling "If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?" My teachings blend Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices, fostering awareness of our true nature and using our lives as the curriculum to awaken to our true selves. I have had the privilege of studying with some of the world's most renowned spiritual teachers and thought leaders. It brings me great joy to share the wisdom I have gained and the insights I have discovered through my own journey.


Soul Subscription is an Unparalleled Membership Experience

There is nothing else like it anywhere. Choose the monthly payment option or pay in full for rhe year and get two months free plus access to my signature programs, Anchored the healing course, and Miracle Mindset, the manifesting course. 

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Jane Bondurant

I was reading many books and had great ideas about what to do, but didn’t seem able to make the shifts I needed. Working with Joy  has made a huge difference. This week I found myself journaling a list of situations I encountered that week -some difficult- and realized how happy I was at the way I approached each situation and handled it. I realized then how much this work is affecting the way I live my daily life and I’m so grateful for Soul Subscription and Joy Stone.

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Grace Lapowitz

I am so thankful to be a part of Soul Subscription! Joy has created a genuinely supportive community that meets online every month. We share our goals, our struggles, our setbacks, and our achievements. Joy has given me tools that I can use daily to change the way I think and to make better decisions that lead me to live with more purpose. I no longer feel stuck or alienated. Instead I am more conscientious, hopeful, and grateful to be alive.

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Katie Rose

I feel like Soul Subscription is the most amazing opportunity. It's sooo good! I've been on a healing path for a long time and so much of what Joy teaches has already filled in so many holes for me. The content makes all the difference in the world and is beyond valuable. I am so thrilled to be a part of it. Send anyone to me who wants a reference! I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart. 

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