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It's the Premier Community and Coaching Haven for Soulful Women Seeking Quantum Leaps in Inner Peace & Self Belief

Without Cookie-Cutter Advice and the All-Too-Familiar Formulas.


It’s the Place to Become the Woman You Know You Were Born to Be! WELCOME HOME!


Your Soul Subscription Membership Empowers You to:


— Slay anxiety & self doubt + finally clear mental and emotional blocks.

 — Align with your soul's unique blueprint and redisover who you truly are!

— Unleash your wildly authentic & happy self in every area of your life.


Soul Subscription is where  you get ot connect with a like-minded sisterhood of women who want to see you shine! Every breakthrough is celebrated, every moment of bravery cheered. Dive into deep uplifting support, and transformative experiences that will supercharge not just your life, but your very soul. Welcome to a sisterhood eager to celebrate you, as you become everything you're meant to be.


Here’s The Transformation Waiting for You Inside Soul Subscription:


✔️ Unveil the journey that's authentically yours, stepping into a life that feels aligned and purposeful.

✔️ Uncover who you truly are, beyond societal expectations and roles. Find your genuine self and embrace your true essence.

✔️ Overcome the barriers that have been holding you back. Whether they're mental, emotional, or spiritual, you'll learn strategies to break through these obstacles and move forward with confidence.

✔️ Connect with a supportive network of like-minded women. This community is your space for sharing, growing, and finding strength in the collective power of women who uplift each other.



The Teachings & Mentorship That Will Transform Your Life:


✔️ Monthly Masterclasses: Delve into ancient wisdom from yoga psychology, manifesting principles nad energy clearing practices

✔️ Live Group Coaching: Connect in our 60-90 minute Q&A and coachincg calls with Joy, where we provide personalized support and insights to guide you through the monthly lessons and address your unique questions.

✔️ Nurturing Community: Step into an exclusive circle of women who are on similar paths of growth and awakening. The Soul Subscription community is your energetic tribe, where support flows freely and bonds deepen.

✔️ Learning Resources: Every member receives a 58-page workbook and a copy of Joy’s transformative bestselling book, If I'm So Spiriutal, Why Am I Still So Anxious?, plus access to a full library of masterclasses, courses, yoga and spiritual /energetic practices and teachings.

✔️ Daily Energetic Alignments: Start each day with a mini-podcast message from Joy, designed to help you align your energy and set your intentions. These brief, powerful insights serve as daily guideposts to keep you focused and flowing in harmony with your highest self.

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Hello, I'm Joy Stone

With more than twenty years of both personal and professional experience, I am an Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach, a bestselling author, and a speaker. My certifications include positive psychology, yoga psychology, and meditation.

My mission is to empower high-functioning, ambitious, soul-seeking women to manifest a life they love—one that is in harmony with their soul's unique blueprint. I help them clear anxiety blocks, gain spiritual clarity, and tap into the feminine creative power that resides within. My approach is designed to foster lasting peace, inner freedom, and joy from the inside out, enabling them to thrive in doing what they love.


Immediate Access to these Courses & Masterclasses


Soul Subscription is an Unparalleled Membership Experience

There is nothing else like it anywhere. You have access to the support and the tools you need to unlock your full potential, guiding you on a journey to find freedom from fear and manifest a life aligned with your soul's purpose. 

xo, Joy

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$990.00 USD
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Jane Bondurant

I was reading many books and had great ideas about what to do, but didn’t seem able to make the shifts I needed. Working with Joy  has made a huge difference. This week I found myself journaling a list of situations I encountered that week -some difficult- and realized how happy I was at the way I approached each situation and handled it. I realized then how much this work is affecting the way I live my daily life and I’m so grateful for Soul Subscription and Joy Stone.

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Grace Lapowitz

I am so thankful to be a part of Soul Subscription! Joy has created a genuinely supportive community that meets online every month. We share our goals, our struggles, our setbacks, and our achievements. Joy has given me tools that I can use daily to change the way I think and to make better decisions that lead me to live with more purpose. I no longer feel stuck or alienated. Instead I am more conscientious, hopeful, and grateful to be alive.

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Katie Rose

I feel like Soul Subscription is the most amazing opportunity. It's sooo good! I've been on a healing path for a long time and so much of what Joy teaches has already filled in so many holes for me. The content makes all the difference in the world and is beyond valuable. I am so thrilled to be a part of it. Send anyone to me who wants a reference! I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart. 

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