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Have you tried everything — yoga, meditations, retreats, breathing practices, therapy — but anxiety is still secretly making your life difficult?


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What You’ll Learn:  


✔️ Learn the essential spiritual and mindset shifts necessary to have freedom from anxiety.

✔️ Identify the three misperceptions about anxiety that keep you from being truly happy.

✔️ Discover the foundational first step (that most people miss) toward inner harmony.

✔️ Make decisions that will help you become the happiest + most confident version of yourself.

✔️ Develop the intuition and confidence to live with more calm, clarity and joy.




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What Readers Are Saying

Cindy Olsby

"I love this book and love how Joy Stone walks the walk- it does not matter what happened to you but how you react to it!

The principles are deep and thoughtful but expressed in a way everyone can grasp. I will keep this book on my shelf forever for reference.

For me, it could not have come at a better time and I look forward to reading it again to put Joy’s words into action for my own life. I know so many people who are feeling and have dealt with anxiousness and I can’t wait to share “If I am so Spiritual, Why am I so Anxious” with them!"

Susie Tucker

"This book is beautifully laid out and begins with Joy telling her story of a difficult and anxious childhood, then leads you through the seven spiritual principles to transform your reality and experience more joy in your life.

Joy encourages you to see anxiety as a symptom of spiritual disconnection. In all of this, she uses the ancient and sacred texts of yoga (Yoga Sutras).

This book rises above other books on anxiety because it is like listening to a friend who has been there and can show you the way. And the chapter on forgiveness is a game-changer.

This is a book you will read again and again. I highly recommend it!"

Fran Mercadal

"If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? What an amazing book. I couldn't put it down. Joy's way of explaining the yoga sutra and the seven spiritual principles are beautifully written.

As I read it, I feel as if she's talking right at me. She opens her heart and allows us to peek inside her very personal life experiences of fear and anxiety to teach us how to apply these principles in our own lives to find our inner joy.

It's a "must-read" for every gender and any age group. A feel-good book that is truly inspirational and a wonderful learning experience for me."

Barbara Kuhl

"A 'keep-by-your-bedside-forever' book, Joy Stone’s “If I’m So Spiritual Why am I Still So Anxious?” is a highly relatable read and is perfect for anyone who has dealt with anxiety (who hasn’t!) or knows someone who has.

Her step-by-step revelations, steeped in wisdom that is both ancient and contemporary, is shared in a practical, intimate style, and she takes the reader through a process of recognition, acceptance and finally action, in a manner that is extremely caring but completely nonjudgemental.

In fact, it is Stone’s empathic nature that shines through her book – having transformed her own self-criticism to self-awareness, she is the perfect guide for any readers who are looking – not for a specific ‘type’ of spiritual or psychological cure – but rather for a helpful and inspirational overview from which to begin to make changes in behavior, reaction and engagement in relationship to themselves and others.

An easy read, this terrific piece presents weighty subject matter in a light-hearted, accessible way. Loved it!"

Rose Moran

"If I’m So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?, resonated with me on many levels. As a spiritual seeker, as a teacher, and as a woman trying to live a fulfilling life.

I dove into this book, and found on every page insights into my own struggles and how to move through my life with more ease.

I will go on to use this book in my own personal practice, and in my classes. When I get my hands on a paperback it will end up dog-eared, highlighted, and scribbled in. I know this book will become my favorite gift. I will be using the tools, taking notes and observations from it that will fill my journal.

Joy has accomplished what many have tried, a page turner about the Self.

Beautiful quotes, honest storytelling and practices you will be working with for life.
Thank You Joy Stone for all your hard work and dedication to your craft."

Kathy Gardner

"Joy’s vulnerability in sharing her past experiences and struggles makes this book one of a kind. The tools that she provides breaks it down and makes it simple. The thought provoking questions she has you ask yourself really shows you how to master your anxiety and have control and ultimately freedom.

Joy has spent many years studying and is a true spiritual soul and it comes out in her book. The transformational road map that is contained in this book is truly priceless."

Join hundreds of women in reading my bestselling book and discover the ancient secrets and a proven path to a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life free from the entanglements of anxiety, doubt and indecision.