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My Bestselling book

Get my bestselling book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? 

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The Alignment Masterclass

An introduction to the practice of energetic alignment and embodiment. For the woman ready to feel happier, more confident, more empowered and more free, right now.


Root to Rise

Feeling unworthy, or, not good enough are among the most common emotional wounds or energy blocks that limit happiness, personal freedom and fulfillment. In Root To Rise you will learn how to balance and heal the energy of your root chakra by reclaiming your power, so you can finally, fully believe in yourself, embrace your worthiness and rise. 


Companion Course to my book: If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?

In this self-paced course I take you step-by-step through each chapter of my book helping you easily apply every principle to your life so you can finally gain freedom from anxiety and the anxious mind for good. Because you are NOT the anxious mind but there is SO much you can do to finally heal it. 

You'll get a free digital copy of my book + worksheets as a bonus 


Deep Dive

90-minute deep dive, highly personalized, 1:1 private breakthrough session with Joy via zoom + 5 days of continuous support for 5 days following the session.   


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