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I see you.


On the surface, everything seems fine (even good!), but deep down, there's pain.


It might show up as feeling lost, alone, disconnected from yourself, struggling with self-confidence or self-worth, difficulties with belonging and in relationships, or with old fears, anxieties, and doubts resurfacing.


You're ready for real transformation—not just more self-help jargon.


Does this sound like you?


✔️ Feeling anxious, overthinking, or second guessing yourself, even though you've tried yoga, breathing, or, meditation to calm your mind

✔️ Feeling  like something missing, or not truly happy, despite having read a mountain of self-help books and listening to hours of podcast episodes.

✔️ Struggling to find your voice, your purpose, your center, even after therapy sessions

✔️ Feeling yourself slipping back into old fears and patterns, despite having a comfortable life or having come so far in your self-work.

✔️ Facing emotional, relationship, or mental roadblocks, despite trying holistic therapies and diving into self-help practices.


If any of these resonate, you're not alone.


I understand this journey intimately because I've lived it.


For years, I explored numerous approaches—yoga, therapy, and a range of self-help modalities—striving to portray an image of happiness, bravery, success, confidence, and self-sufficiency to the world, always eager to assist others.


Despite these efforts, I was secretly grappling with feelings of being lost, anxious, overwhelmed by self-doubt, and feeling disconnected from my true self.


I'd made significant progress, but I still wasn't feeling the kind of confidence, freedom, and joy I knew was possible—or that I was searching for.


Then, I found the missing piece, and everything changed. I led myself on a deeply profound spiritual and personal development healing journey. 


Traditional self-help methods kept me focused on the problem, which wasn't working for me. Instead of constantly working on myself, I realized I needed to get to know who I truly am. What I discovered totally transformed my life, for good. 


I’ve studied with renowned spiritual teachers and thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Christopher Wallis, Amy Wheeler, Ram Das, Deepak Chopra, and Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar. 


Professionally, I received my positive psychology certications in both coaching and application, as well as yoga psychology (the study of the soul), and hold numerous certifications in meditation, breathwork, and yoga therapy.


I am the bestselling author of If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?, and have built a thrivng soul-led coaching practice helping hundreds of women rediscover their intuition, step into their power, dismantle the barriers that obscure their true happiness, and manifest a life that deeply resonates with their soul's unique truth. 


If this resonates with you and you're tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, or tired of piecing together information from various sources without the results you desire, I offer the support you need to accelerate your results. I am here to illuminate, empower, and simplify your journey back to yourself.


Private coaching is my highest level of support.


My coaching offers a deeply personalized, holistic, therapeutic, and immersive experience - inspired by my soul-based method which guides you toward a life of self-trust, clairty, deep fulfillment, and a connection with your true self. My coaching framework uniquely blends Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices, effectively addressing suffering, self-doubt, and anxiety. This approach fosters confidence, freedom, and joy — targeting transformation at the core level.


Private coaching is available in a variety of containers and offerings  - from 30-day coaching intensives, to 3 or 6 month in depth coaching containers.


If this resonates with you, please take a moment to fill out the brief application below and schedule a free connection call with me. Let's discover if our energies align and if we're a good match.


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