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Fran Mercadal

"Before working with Joy I was incredibly anxious about my future. I felt like I was running in a never-ending circle of hopelessness, and trapped in a lifestyle I didn't know how to get out of. Through my work with Joy, I developed the confidence and courage to leave a situation, that before working with Joy, I believed was impossible to change. After working with Joy I am more joyful and happy. I feel confident and secure for the first time in a long time. Joy helped me change behaviors that were causing me to feel stuck and more anxious. She showed me how to take control of my life, no matter what is going on around me. She truly taught me a new way of life where I feel more hopeful and in charge." 

Jane Bondurant

"My coaching experience with Joy Stone was truly a game changer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I reached out to her when I found myself in a “slump” that I couldn’t seem to emerge from on my own. As a result of the coaching, I have a new enthusiasm for my life. With her help, I have incorporated a daily routine that really works for me. My outlook is positive and I am enjoying the fruits of her coaching in various areas of my life that needed a tune-up. I have new tools available to me that help me live the abundant and fulfilling life I want. I thought long and hard before investing in myself. I feel like coaching with Joy was the best investment I’ve made since I decided to go to law school!"

Sheri Riddell

"Working with Joy, and attending her workshops and trainings has been life changing! I was able to make drastic breakthroughs with Joy's guidance. Her teachings are powerful and practical. Most importantly she didn't just give me more information, she showed me how to make the changes I wanted to make so that I could find the happiness, success, and peace I was seeking. The difference with Joy, versus other programs I've attended, is it that she gave me tools to know HOW to think in an empowered way (not just a quick-fix) and how to show up as a leader in my life and business. This has made a huge difference in my life. This has been such a phenomenal experience!"

Patty Baltes

"Before working with Joy I felt lost. I had a lot of anxiety and worry about my future. I had a desire to know myself and my purpose. I was doing a lot of personal development, spiritual work and taking course after course, but my fears and insecurities just didn’t go away. After working with Joy, I truly know who I am - and I know my purpose in life. The difference with Joy vs other coaching programs I've attended is that her techniques helped me make a transformation, not just learn more informational. She empowered me to be the hero of my own story! I highly recommend working with Joy!"

Susie Buckner

I have many years of personal development, therapy, and self-help but I have never made as much progress as I have working with Joy. I have learned to question my thoughts and focus on the positive which has helped me reduce my anxiety and stress and increase my joy, success and the feeling of being in control of my life. Joy is knowledgeable, practical and encouraging and has made a real difference in my life. Don’t hesitate to work with her."

Linda Kreesh 

"Working with Joy I learned to speak my truth and more easily set boundaries. Because of that my relationships have improved tremendously, and so has my peace-of-mind and overall happiness! Joy is an incredibly gifted coach and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking freedom from feeling lost, doubtful, anxious, overwhelmed, and all that goes with it."

From Fear to Freedom Academy

with Joy Stone

8-Week In-Depth Group Coaching Experience  

Break free from fear and anxiety and grow your confidence and self-belief so that you can become the happiest and best version of yourself.  

This is for women who are serious about making breakthroughs in their confidence, self-esteem and life, not just gathering more information.  

Each week consists of two classes - one is an in-depth recorded class dedicated to teaching the lesson for the week with a custom workbook to support you in understanding and implementing the material, and the other is a live group coaching session for deep-dive support, Q&A, and personalized coaching with Joy, – 16 sessions total.

All live coaching calls are recorded and available for replay in our private member portal. Apply today to join the academy - space is limited.


  • 8 weeks/16 sessions of life-changing mindset, soul-work and action.
  • 3 private, 20-minute sessions with Joy.
  • 24/7 access to course recordings for ongoing review and implementation for 9 consecutive weeks.
  • Private Facebook group access for in between session support + community sharing.
  • Access to my Master Your Mindset 4-lesson audio Training series + bonus introduction videos and custom workbook.
  • Digital copy of my #1 bestselling book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? How To Find Your Center and Reclaim Your Joy.
  • 8 Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Joy Stone + 3 Private Sessions.

🌟Your Total investment is $997 or 2 payments of $525.


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90-Minute Deep Dive Breakthrough & Clarity Session

With Joy Stone

A special, highly customized, 90-minute deep dive 1:1 session. Pick your topic:

  • Releasing judgments and negative self-talk
  • Shifting to a positive mindset
  • Developing a sense of empowerment
  • Understanding your true purpose
  • Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness
  • Discovering your own spirituality
  • Understanding who you truly are
  • Learning to listen to your intuition
  • Healing past wounds
  • Manifesting what you want in life
  • Finding appreciation and joy
  • Navigating difficult life challenges
  • Something else?

Not only do you get a 90 minute session with me, but you also get 2 weeks messaging access to me via an app called Voxer so you can shoot over any questions when you have them! I will be in your back pocket supporting you for 2 full weeks! And you will receive a free digital copy of my bestselling book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?

🌟 Your Investment is $347.

Sessions take place from anywhere in the world via zoom.

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Private, Personalized 3-Month Coaching Experience

With Joy Stone 

Essential to coaching, is its focus on changing patterns and creating solutions rather than analyzing problems or treating symptoms. Through the coaching process you wil.

  • Learn how to increase your self-confidence, develop greater belief in yourself, and live with more joy and inner peace.
  • Discover spiritual strategies and success principles to finally achieve freedom from fear (for good), without having to endlessly analyze or manage triggers.
  • Gain wisdom and strategies to finally leave behind old thought patterns, self sabotaging behaviors, and identify your blind spots in thought, emotion, and action.
  • Increase your joy, happiness, and self-trust. 

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