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There Are No Prerequisites for Worthiness

Dec 28, 2020

If I handed you a brand new $20 bill and asked you to tell me its value, what would you say? You would probably say that its value is $20.

But what if I crumpled that same $20 into a small ball between my hands and wrinkled it all up. What would you say the value of that $20 bill would be then? You would probably still say that its value is $20.

Okay, so what if I took out a big black marker and wrote stars all over that $20 bill, then put the $20 bill in my coat pocket and threw it in the washer machine? What would you then say the value of the $20 bill would be? You would probably still say that the value is $20.

Hmm... wait, what if I cut it in half, then cut each half in half, and then taped it back together quickly. What would you then say the value of that $20 would be? Of course, you'd still say, $20!

You and I are like the $20 bill. No matter what happens in life, no matter how many times we fail, or make a mistake, or take a wrong turn, and no matter how many people don't like us, or leave us, our value doesn't change. 

We are born with inherent value and worthiness. The thing that cloaks our worthiness is when we believe something that conflicts with the truth that we are always worthy.

When we believe our worth is conditional or given to us by someone else, or measured by how we look, or the stuff we have, we will suffer. Not because our value ever changes, but because our belief is out of alignment with the Truth of our inherent worth. 

"You are the only one who can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself in a state of disallowing.  There is not something wrong with you. You are just, in the moment, practicing the art of not allowing, or the art of resisting"  - Abraham Hicks 

When I work with my students in, Soul School, this is the place where we begin. Why? Because we must. We must begin with understanding who we truly are. I don't just mean at an academic or knowledge level, but at an experiential level.

Most of the women I work with are a lot like I was. I spent years reading books about my worthiness. I've read hundreds of self-help and spiritual books. And although they are among my favorite things, reading them never really changed me and that started to get really frustrating. And this is exactly how most of my students feel when they finally get to Soul School.

Change is inevitable. It's an unavoidable and constant part of life. But progress is a choice. Progress comes from making conscious decisions, linked with continuous and intentional actions. Your worthiness will be more fully felt and will burst through your being with joy and determination when you decide to live as the worthy and amazing person that you always are!

Day 10, Happiness Booster

Write about your triumphs and celebrate your worthiness

Look back over this last year and consider all that you have been through. Hold the idea in your heart that nothing that has happened this year can change your inherent value. Tell yourself you are worthy, no matter what. Then, become willing to see every experience as a teacher of some sort guiding you back to your inherent and beautiful value...

Consider these questions:

  • How have you become stronger emotionally, mentally, or spiritually this year?
  • How have you become wiser?
  • What has been made more clear to you this year?
  • How have the conditions of this year helped you know your value and worth in a new way? 

Day 10, Anxiety Buster

Distinguish between anxiety and excitement

It's interesting to understand that our body responds the same way to anxiety and excitement.

So what is it that actually distinguishes our experience between these two emotions? The answer is our perspective. For example, when I have to speak or go "live" on a social media platform like Facebook, I get butterflies in my stomach. I start to get warm and my heart rate increases and so on. I can perceive this as anxiety, or I can choose to lean into it as excitement. Our body is always responding to our thoughts, but we can also influence our mind by working with the body.  

So the next time you feel anxiety arises, simply ask yourself, can I see this as excitement. Like me going "live", I can let the anxiety stop me, or I can choose to think about the people I am getting to connect with and how doing so will help me share my message with anyone who might need it. 

I will leave you with this quote by Hafiz that I think sums up the 10 days of JOY perfectly!

You carry
All the ingredients
To turn your life into a nightmare-
Don’t mix them!

You have all the genius
To build a swing in your backyard
For God.
That sounds
Like a hell of a lot more fun.

Let’s start laughing, drawing blueprints,
Gathering our talented friends.
I will help you.
With my divine lyre and drum.

Will sing a thousand words,
You can take into your hands,
Like golden saws,
Sliver hammers,
Polished teakwood,
Strong silk rope.

You carry all the ingredients
To turn your existence into joy,
Mix them
Mix them! (-- Hafiz)

*** This blog post is part of a 10-DAY SERIES, Titled "10 DAYS OF JOY"

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