How to Stress Less (and relax more)

Aug 13, 2020


This week in my Soul School & Soul Subscription communities I've been teaching about how we can stay more present, develop inner calm, and reduce stress (and anxiety), naturally.

Why is this important? Because being calm vs stressed is correlated not only with better mental and physical health, but also more overall happiness and peace, even when things around us are unclear.

We can work from the inside-out to change our physiology and biology, naturally. Both science and yoga provide us with powerful insights and practices.

That's why I also made this the topic of my free weekly Wednesday The Breathing Room Masterclass (you are welcome to join our community for free) where I talked specifically about...

  • U.S and Global statistics on anxiety (plus addiction)
  • The physiology of stress
  • The physiology of CALM
  • How to downgrade the stress response and upgrade the relaxation system, naturally, using 3 specific mind-body practices you can do anywhere
  • Yoga sutra 1:1 (how to use yoga to heal anxiety from the inside out)

And I lead you through the process of coherent breathing, the #1 way to stimulate CALM. 

I encourage you to grab a notebook, relax, and press play.

With love,





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