Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Whenever You Have to Make a Tough Decision

Jul 08, 2020

Does decision-making ever leave you feeling anxious? Do you worry about making the wrong decision? When you finally make a decision do you wonder if you made a mistake?

I get it. I know what hours (even days) of rumination about making the right decision can feel like. I've had many sleepless nights over some of the smallest decisions in the world.

If you relate to this, then this week's teaching video is for you.

Yesterday I taught viewers HOW I went from stressed-out about decision-making to making-decisions with confidence. 

You'll learn...

  • 2 ways you can build your intuitive decision-making skills, and
  • 3 questions to ask yourself so you can make decisions with confidence.

You can watch the Replay HERE!




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