The Mindset of a Yogi

Aug 27, 2020


Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. We know it's important. But why? And what do the ancient yogis have to say about mindset?

Within The Yoga Sutra, an ancient foundational text of yoga, developing a certain type of mindset is essential. In fact, this mindset, is the first tool we're warned we must nurture to overcome our own difficulties. 

This ancient text tells us that if we're currently suffering (such as, anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, and so on), and we want to suffer LESS, then we're going to have to adjust our mindset.

Mindset is not just our thoughts. It is much much more. 

Yoga psychology refers to our mindset in several ways, two of which are  bhavana (belief), or a shraddha (faith). One of the most meaningful ways I think about the role of mindset in our personal lives is this: 

The quality and skill of our mindset can place us in the position to become the greatest obstacle we face OR it can remove us as an obstacle and set us free.

Establishing a yogi's mindset is so important I made it the essence of my new book, If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?, because for me it is the only way I was able to end my struggle with anxiety, and avoid future years of unnecessary suffering and dis-ease.

In this short LIVE talk I led yesterday for my private facebook community, The Breathing Room, I go into more detail about mindset, faith, vision and the difference between just trying to think positively - and why that alone won't work.  

I hope you take a moment to watch and that you find it helpful. 

After you watch, I'd love to hear from you. Have you ever experienced a certain shift in mindset that eventually helped you overcome an obstacle? Or are you facing something right now that if you could change your mindset about, you might find more peace in your life?

Love & Namaste, Joy

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