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Organize Your Space, Declutter Your Mind

Dec 26, 2020

This weekend at our house we've been busy organizing our garage, our kitchen, and my home office. It feels so good, both mentally and emotionally, to get things tidy and neat. 

People with anxiety are already sensitive to anything that can sound the alarm of the stress response. That's why something like clutter, which can be disruptive in our environment can cause more overwhelm, indecision, procrastination, and anxiety. 

Sometimes our energy, wellbeing, and happiness, can get trapped in clutter or other distractions. So the more we can minimize these distractions in our lives the better our energy flows. We benefit mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Day Eight, Happiness Booster

Create a focused space for daily meditation and reflection

One simple way to set yourself up for more confidence, joy, and success is to commit to daily meditation practice. That's why I'm encouraging you in today's happiness booster to create a focused space in your home for your daily meditation and reflection.

If you are new to meditation, use the guided breath centered meditation I gave you on day six under the anxiety buster. 

Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can still create a focused area. The key to making space sacred or focus is not about the size of the space, but in how you make it yours. Create a space that is both comfortable and meaningful to you; a place you can journal, meditate, reflect, and breathe.

For a long time, I used a simple corner in my bedroom. Now, I have a small space filled with my favorite books, mantra cards, stones, meditation sticks, essential oils, and mementos of things that inspire and support me. I also have a yoga mat nearby that I can easily roll out.

What things are special to you? What would help you feel connected to the divine with you? What could you put in the sacred practice space that would help you feel supported?

These items might include plants, flowers, pictures, books, candles, essential oils, a journal, cushion, blanket, yoga mat, mala beads, or anything that helps you find balance and connection.

** Take a picture of your space and share it with us in our private Facebook group!

Day Eight, Anxiety Booster

Declutter a room, or area, in your home

Clutter can keep us from fully relaxing or enjoying life. And it can easily increase anxiety and indecision. A great way to increase your happiness and reduce stress, today, or in the days ahead, declutter a room, or area in, in your home.

If that feels like too big of a project, start with an area, or a drawer. If you find you have things that are taking up space and you haven't used them for a long time donate them to someone who could use them. You'll feel good, and you'll be helping others in the process.   

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