Need Inspiration? Here Are 3 Ways to find It

Jan 16, 2020

We all need support and inspiration. 

As humans, we're all in this shared experience of stabilizing our desire for more (..time, energy, love, success, etc) and appreciating where we are. While being a wonderful gift, life is also full of uncertainty. This can cause so many of us to feel distracted and separate from our Inner Source of intuition and guidance.

After all of these years of seeking, studying, coaching and teaching, I believe for sure that having a consistent daily spiritual practice is the anchor that allows us to embrace our life journey with less judgment and fear - and with more trust and joy.

It is the work of being engaged in a spiritual (mind-body-soul) connection that empowers us to have authority of our inner state, not just positive thinking (although I believe in that too!).  And by having control of what goes on within us, we become less reactive to what happens around us.

From this place if connectedness we are more creative, joyful - and inspired.

I have spent the last several months making my website a source of inspiration for you and a place that provides you will both free (and paid) content that can truly help you live more inspired, from the inside out. 

You'll find 3 NEW pages on my website full of free resources for you. All of my teachings uniquely blend spiritual psychology, yoga psychology and the modern science of happiness.

  1. A Success Mindset: Your mindset is the operating system for your life. Master your mindset and reconnect to your soul

  2. Soul Centered Success:  Reconnect to your inner guidance system. Learn to create, navigate and live your life story from the inside out.

  3. Self Care Habits: The most vital relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Self Care = Energy.

You can also visit my website and find more support throughout the pages and read part of my personal story at Joy Stone Coaching

I appreciate you so much - and I thank you for being part of my community.

With love,




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