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Less Information and More Transformation, Especially Now

May 07, 2020

The distinction between information and transformation is one that REALLY matters, especially NOW. Here's why...

"When I was thirty-eight years old, one of my dearest friends in the whole world unfriended me. Not on social media but in real life. To this day, there was no explanation, just an abrupt end. All the information about samskaras and mala didn’t save me. Understanding that we each see life through a belief window didn’t comfort me. The situation devastated me, and my entire world felt like it went dark. This may sound dramatic, but it was my experience. It was as if I was thirteen years old and back at that school dance. “I don’t belong. I’m not loveable. Something is wrong with me.” Those were the thoughts running through my mind over and over. I was suffering.

At that point in my spiritual evolution, I was an information gatherer. I loved to read, learn, and memorize teachings. I was a dedicated student and practitioner, but I was mistaking knowledge for transformation. I had a lot of awareness, and I’d come a long way, but I hadn’t established the inner resiliency, confidence, and self-love I have today. I didn’t fully digest the idea that my spiritual practices were only there to support me in making changes within myself. I didn’t understand that the practices were not the solutions in and of themselves.

Nine years later, I experienced a similar loss. My reaction was different. I could still feel the twinge of pain from the residue of my earlier experiences, but my new beliefs had become bigger and stronger than the old ones. For the last decade, I’d been committed to doing the inner work. I’d visualized – internally seen, felt, and believed – new outcomes for myself and my life. I’d taken new actions and wired a new life for myself from the inside out.

You can’t control whether someone will decide to leave or stay – or anything in the ever- changing world around you – but you can choose not to suffer. You don’t struggle in life because you don’t have what you want or because something changes, you suffer because you believe you need whatever it is to feel good again, and that belief creates distance between you and your soul circle"

The above is an excerpt (and a personal experience) from my new book, "If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? The Soul Seeker's Guide To Reclaim Your Joy

  • Are you doing the inner work?
  • Are you getting to know who you truly are, not just learning about it.

Choosing to become stronger - even in the midst of adversity -changed me, more than any information ever could have. 



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