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It's Okay To Want What You Want

Dec 12, 2019

As 2019 is coming to a close, I’ve been both visualizing who I want to be and become in 2020 while also reflecting on my journey and how my thoughts and beliefs continue to change and evolve. One evolution of thought came when one of my early yoga and spiritual teachers said to me, "Joy, it's okay to want what you want for no reason at all or for any reason at all".  

At first, this statement may seem selfish or self serving but I promise you it is not. Giving myself permission to want something, anything, was a huge step in moving forward to creating the life I have today. Opening up to the possibilities of allowing myself to “want what I want” set me on a new pathway to more freedom, joy and fulfillment. I love sharing this simple teaching with my coaching clients because it’s been a big life reframe for so many of them too.

Allowing ourselves to want what we want is an invaluable part of discerning and choosing who we want to be, how we want to feel and what we want to do. 

Children dream and imagine for themselves big goals like being an astronaut or a super hero. As adults we might imagine traveling the world, starting a business, or finding love. Yet how often do we tell talk ourselves out of these things with limiting stories of “I’m too old” or “I don't have the time or the resources”?

When we don't open ourselves up to what we really want how can we ever make a decision and align our energy to have it?

We can't move in two directions at once. We can’t get what we want by taking little action and telling ourselves why it won’t work out or in essence telling ourselves it’s not OK to want what what we want.

When we focus on what we don’t want or suppress what we do want, we cut ourselves off from being conscious, intentional and powerful co-creators of our life story.

It’s time to open yourself up to what you really want!

  • Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply with intention to center yourself and become present
  • Then repeat this mantra until you begin to feel the energy of it: "it is okay to want what I want for no reason at all or for any reason at all.”  To really supercharge it, say it while looking in a mirror.
  • Once you feel more centered in that mantra and feel that it is OK to want what you want and OK to be excited about it, then set aside the necessary time to write down what you really want. Don't worry about strategy, just write a CLEAR picture of what your heart is wanting next in your life.

This exercise will help you open up to more possibility, release resistance and generate clarity in your life. The first step of meaningful spiritual work actually includes clarifying our own values, preferences and desires. It’s so liberating! 

…It’s really is OK to want what you want. 

With love,


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