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Hi Intention and Low Attachment

Jan 21, 2020

"If you want to remain calm and peaceful as you go through life, you have to have high intention and low attachment. You do everything you can to create your desired outcomes, and then you let it go. Sometimes you don’t get the intended result by the date that you want. That is life. You just keep moving in the direction of your goal until you get there. Sometimes the universe has other plans, and often they are better than the ones you had in mind". - Jack Canfield.

We all have dreams, vision, goals and desires. We're all worthy of happiness, love and success. Yet, what stops many of us from living our fullest and most fulfilling lives is often some form of fear. And so often our fear of something is much more powerful than the thing itself. 

Let me introduce you to a profound and practical process from the yoga tradition, called Kriya Yoga (this has nothing to do the the poses).  This 3-part method gives us tools to take ownership of our lives and our dreams. These three steps are meant to be practiced simultaneously and consistently. They will then enable us to move through fear, live with high intention, low attachment and take new actions, which will produce new outcomes.  

Step 1: Have High Intention: 

Get clear on your intention, purpose and vision for your life. The power of clarity immediately helps us eliminate distractions, which always includes fear and old stories. In this step we are placing our mind, emotions and choices on what we do want - and more importantly on who are we becoming on the inside, first. In this step we are taking new and refined actions that move us toward our vision. Having a high intention links us with living a more meaningful life and to our higher Self. Not every action will result in the fruit we want, but if we are practicing all three of these steps, we will learn and grow from every decision we make. 

Action: Sit quietly and ask "what do I really want"? Get clear on what you want. If this feels overwhelming, start by asking, "what do I want today"? Clarify what makes you happy and what gives your life meaning. Then, take one new action each day that moves you toward that. Build up to 5 new actions each day. Get in the habit of asking yourself, "Is the choice I am about to make aligned with the life I want to create"?

Step 2: Look Within, Where the Truth Lies:

We won't be for everyone in this world. Not everyone will like us. But the most important question is do we love who we are. The approval addiction is so toxic. It's an addiction born out of fear. And like most fears, the fear of not being liked is worse than the reality of it. By being who we truly are and living our lives honestly, we will find the right people and they will find us. Write your own story. Be the hero in the book of your life.

Action: Look within daily and learn to listen to that quiet, all-knowing inner voice. Create daily habits that support you connecting with your Truth and your inner guidance system. Love yourself enough to look within before you look out. Make yourself your first priority each day.

Step 3: Have Low Attachment: 

Attachment, through the lens of yoga, is one of the root causes of human suffering, born out of fear.  When we cling to our view of the way things "should" be or how they "should" happen, we often give up and develop a felt sense of unworthiness. We compare our experience to other people's outcomes. But this is our life, our vision and our results. It's important to remember that we'll spend more time on the journey, than the destination. So when we hold a high intention but simultaneously have low attachment to it (how it must look and happen) the ride is much more fulfilling! When we are living with an open-mind and a willingness to learn and grow from every experience, we are constantly gaining lessons and wisdom just because we are on the journey! So expect the best, be open to more and be willing to let go of how it must look!  

Action: Surrender the struggle. There are a lot of factors in life you won't be able to manage or control. But you can always grow, learn and stay willing to take a new action, make a new choice and connect to your inner truth. I love the serenity prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".  Say this prayer daily. Write it down and carry it with you. Note the word "wisdom" in the prayer. Wisdom to know the difference. Viveka is a key teaching in yoga. It means discernment. Through experience you will gain wisdom. You'll master the ability to discern or choose your reality and live with great meaning, joy and fulfillment. 

These are core teachings I share with all of my coaching clients as we begin our process together. The obstacles to implementing these is often commitment, consistency and accountability. I encourage you to focus on progress, take daily imperfect action and find a coach, mentor or community of people that support, encourage and allow you to change, grow and flourish. You deserve it!

With love,


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