Brave Enough to See it. Brave Enough to Be it.

Jan 25, 2021

Did you feel that?


Amanda Gorman, so wise and so poised, delivered an incredible message of truth and hope and possibility. Her words, and conviction, moved us to tears and touched our hearts because she spoke to our soul. 

"When day comes we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid
The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it" 

-- Amanda Gorman

She invited us to step courageously into our deepest truth and unified nature.

She inspired us to see and believe in something more, for our country, and our individual lives. 

If you are struggling personally, like I was for years, with anxiety, fear, self-doubt, or unworthiness, you are not alone.

And just like the lies, deception, and words of division from individuals and groups can harm multitudes of people, anxiety can tear down our personal usefulness and joy, and our individual possibility to step more fully and wholly into this world, as only we can so that we can be the change we want to see around us and within us. 


Because anxiety separates us from our true nature.

Anxiety is a symptom of a belief system within ourselves that no longer serves us. In fact, it only limits us.

Anxiety separates us from our voice, our power, our purpose, our joy, and our ability to be truly happy and free. 

The answer for less anxiety or self-doubt in our individual lives is not to continue to manage or treat our triggers (the symptoms) but to get to the cause and pluck the sickness out from its roots. 

To do that we must...

Step out of the shade of fear and see something better for ourselves and become brave enough to be it. 

Because, when it comes to solving the anxiety (fear) problem, we have to change where it matters the most... 

And that means we must learn how to heal our minds, reconnect to who we truly are, and be brave enough to stand in the light. 

This week, I am honored that Wholebeing Institue published a portion of a chapter from my new book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? on the power of our beliefs. You can read that here.

You are needed. You matter. You are here for a reason. Don't let anxiety, self-doubt, or fear stop you... not even for one more minute. 

With love and namaste,


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