Anxiety is a Messenger, Not a Problem

Dec 09, 2020

Life is always reflecting back to us what we already think, believe, and feel. This is why we can't avoid the things that scare us or worry our way into a new reality.

We can't just give our energy to managing our stress or suppressing our anxious thoughts and emotions, or only hope for a better day tomorrow, and still expect to experience more of the confidence, calm, and joy we want. 

We must also know HOW to develop more discernment between painful and painless thoughts, between a chosen emotion and our default reactions. And most importantly between the human part of us and the essence of who we truly are.

Anxiety is a messenger. And when we learn to listen and see it in a new way it can help us live with more clarity, skill, and freedom.

This is what happened for me. This is what I teach all of my students how to do. This is what I wrote about in my book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?.

In this workshop, I give you an overview of the seven spiritual principles that are the foundation of my book, and specifically how to apply and relate them to the pandemic we find ourselves in together right now. And how to use them to heal our anxiety and find more harmony in our lives and, in our relationships, as we do our best to accept what is.

You can watch the workshop here 

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