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Joy Stone: Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author, Blending Spiritual Principles, Universal Laws, Eastern Wisdom & Holistic Psychology 


Connecting Women With Their Power


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It's time to listen to your heart and become the woman you were born to be  

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The answers you’re looking for won’t be found in your head, they’re found in your soul.


Here's how you’ll know you’re stuck in your head. 


✔️ Still searching for clarity, despite exploring every self help option out there! 

✔️ Overwhelmed and searching for inner peace, even after watching every episode of Oprah.

✔️ Difficulty finding your true path and purpose, in spite of going to therapy.

✔️ Feeling disconnected from your authentic self, and struggling to find genuine happiness, despite a seemingly perfect exterior or external success.

✔️ Not living your ideal life, and encountering emotional obstacles, even though you’ve made vision boards, recited affirmations, and made countless gratitude lists.  


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Have you tried everything — yoga, meditations, retreats, breathing practices, therapy — but your anxious mind is still secretly making your life difficult?


What if you could finally break free from the exhausting, soul-sucking hamster-wheel of overthinking, indecision, and self-doubt

... for good?

You can! And I am going to teach you how in my bestselling book — even if you've tried everything else without success. 



What You’ll Learn:

✔️ Learn the essential spiritual and mindset shifts necessary to have freedom from anxiety.

✔️ Identify the three misperceptions about anxiety that keep you from being truly happy.

✔️ Discover the foundational first step (that most people miss) toward inner harmony.

✔️ Make decisions that will help you become the happiest + most confident version of yourself.

✔️ Develop the intuition and confidence to live with more calm, clarity and joy.



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Actualized is my Highest Level of Support, Private Coaching in 3-Month Increments.

If you're not feeling fulfilled and wildly happy, it's because your choices and lifestyle aren't aligned with your Soul's truth. My private coaching program offers a deeply personalized, holistic, therapeutic, and immersive experience. My proven method guides you toward a life of self-trust, clarity, deep fulfillment, and the ability to manifest your truth. My coaching framework uniquely blends Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices, which effectively fosters clarity, confidence, freedom, and joy — targeting transformation at the core level. Weekly private sessions, daily access to me, access to all of my porgrams. 



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8 Week Group Program, LIVE with Joy

Your friends, family members, and colleagues think you're doing great, you’ve tried, yoga, meditation, therapy, everything, but on the inside you still secretly struggle with anxiety, overthinking, indecision, or self-doubt. Based on my bestselling book, "If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious?", this 8-week live group coaching program will empower you to finally break free from these inner struggles for good. Through my proven process, you will learn to release anxiety and doubt, and experience the confidence, freedom, and joy you have been seeking - without more self-help tactics. Includes 8 weekly live trainings/lessons, 4 group coaching calls and Q&A, daily  support, 58 page workbook and a digital copy of my book. 



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Monthly Membership for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing Exclusively for Women

More Than a Membership - It's the Premier Community and Coaching Haven for Soulful Women Seeking Quantum Leaps in Inner Peace & Self Belief without Cookie-Cutter Advice and the All-Too-Familiar Formulas. It’s the place to become the woman you know you were born to be! Learn to meditate, breathe, connect with yourself and like-minded women, and develop your spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing through yoga psychology, soul work, and mindset practices. Includes a monthly masterclass, a monthly Q&A, and access to on-demand masterclasses, programs, and mind-body-soul resources.



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12-Month Group Coaching & Mastermind for Midlife Women

This 12-month group coaching experience is designed for the midlife woman ready to bid farewell to burnout, feelings of being lost, or disconnection from herself. It's an invitation to rediscover herself and author the next chapter of her life, guided intimately by her soul's unique truth. This journey ensures the second half of your life is the best half, enriched not only with external achievements but also brimming with internal victories: self-discovery, authenticity, confidence, courage, joy, fulfillment, ease, and emotional and mental freedom. Imagine waking up each morning deeply connected to your purpose—not just to your title or role, but to who you truly are—and feeling free to express your authentic self in the next chapter of your life. Includes 48 weekly group coaching sessions, 4quarterly private sessions, daily support, 24/7 sisterhood, and access to all of my programs!

$750/mo OR claim your seat before May 31 and lock in $550/mo


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Hi, I'm Joy 


I've successfully guided hundreds of women to break free from the invisible chains of self-doubt, indecision, anxiety, and a disconnection from their true selves, despite their outward successes and survival skills.

My journey mirrors theirs. Despite years of trying everything from yoga and therapy to various self-help methods to maintain an outward appearance of success and composure, I felt lost, anxious, and disconnected inside.

In 2010, I took a life-changing step by leaving my prominent corporate position at Fairmont Hotels Hawaii & Expedia, driven by a deep desire to align with my true self and uncover my genuine purpose.

Since then, I've spent over a decade helping women rediscover their inner peace and step into their power.

Studying with renowned spiritual teachers and thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Christopher Wallis, Amy Wheeler, Ram Das, Deepak Chopra, and Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar. Their teachings, combined with my personal experiences, have shaped my coaching.

Professionally, I received my positive psychology coaching certification, and hold numerous certifications in meditation, breathwork, yoga psychology and practice, and western positive psychology.

Through personalized and group coaching, transformative workshops and retreats, my bestselling books, and my podcast, I empower women to dismantle the barriers that obscure their true potential. My mission is to help women find self-trust, clarity, and profound fulfillment in life - led by their soul's unique blueprint.


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Wake Up: The Podcast

Every Tuesday, a brand new episode drops, filled with wisdom, inspiration, and soul-led strategies to help you navigate life with grace, peace and confidence. Join the hundreds of women who tune in every week and experience the transformative power of Wake Up: The Podcast.

Get ready for soul-driven, life-changing conversations that combine my personal journey from fear to freedom with ancient transformational wisdom, mindset, manifestation principles and the science of happiness. Each week you'll learn new ways to ignite your personal power become the guru of your own life.

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