3 Secrets to Self-Confidence from The Yoga Sutra

(without ever stepping on a yoga mat)

With Joy Stone, Mindset Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

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It's finally time to set yourself free 

Are you ready to conquer anxiety, fear, and self-doubt for good? Do you want to have unshakable belief in yourself?

Imagine having the confidence to take action on your soul's calling, instead of letting fear stop you. Imagine being completely fulfilled knowing you are living your life purpose. What would you do?

In this free live training I am going to teach you... 

  • 3 secrets to unshakable self-confidence from the yoga sutra (without ever having to stop on a yoga mat).
  • My 3-part soulful solution to break free from fear, anxiety and self-doubt for good (without having to endlessly analyze or "work" on yourself).
  • The biggest mistakes and misperceptions people make when it comes to conquering anxiety and self-doubt (and what you must do instead).

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Hi, I'm Joy, I'm a mindset mentor, spiritual teacher, positive psychology life coach, and bestselling author.

10 years ago I hit a bottom - a spiritual crisis really - that woke me up to an entirely new way of life. I finally figured things out. I discovered what was missing from all the work I was doing, and why I wasn't getting the results I wanted. 

And that's why I created my soul work + mindset mastery program , From Fear to Freedom and why I am sharing this free training...

To share what I've learned with you!

  • Everything I wish I knew when I felt really unsure and alone.
  • Everything you'll need to
    • Stop the self-sabotage.
    • Overcome self-doubt.
    • Conquer Anxiety.
    • Start living like the powerful creator you really are. 

You deserve to live your life with radical self-belief and true inner confidence. I promise. You can! 

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