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The inside track and sacred space for your spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and personal transformation led by your soul's deep internal wisdom

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Each energy exchange - whether through a  masterclass, program, message, or daily inspiration ~ will awaken and tune you into your inner wisdom and light, clearer and more confident than ever, to become the YOU you were born to be.

Each teaching within Soul Subscription will take you on a soul-shifting journey back home to yourself, and your life will forever be changed with what you learn. 

You want a way of life, that feels more heart-led, deeper, wiser, and more aligned. You're ready to expand your paradigm for what is possible, and quantum leap to your next level, now.

You're craving the right resources and support to help you move consciously, bravely, and step-by-step in the direction of your dreams ~ while taking away all the confusion, labels, overwhelm, and having to figure it all by yourself...

Imagine learning from a mentor who has walked the path  ~ who has studied with some of the best thought leaders, business coaches and spiritual mentors in the world ~ and knows the way to building an abundant life and business because she has done it.

A mentor who has risen UP from fear, anxiety, adversity, and doubt to create 5-figure months in her business, found her souls purpose, and is sharing her dharma ~ vulnerably.

A mentor who is breaking breaking through shame and unworthiness and has written two bestselling books sharing her WHOLE story.

A mentor who launched a popular podcast so she can stand in her light by owning her truth and sharing it proudly.

A mentor who continues to invest in her mind, body, soul, and heart ~ who is still expanding and growing in life, business, and insight ~ beyond what is "normal"... 


That mentor is me. 

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We all need a place (a mentor/guide) where we can be seen, and totally free to heal, evolve, expand and elevate.

A place to let down your walls, emotionally and mentally reset, get clear, and come home to yourself, to nurture your deepest insight, intuition and wisdom, to celebrate, to create and awaken to your soul's highest calling in life.

Get in the flow of never-ending inspiration and expansion!

Programs, Masterclasses and Activations included in Soul Subscription: ($6K value)

Get Instant Access to ALL of these soul-shifting programs/masterclasses

  1. The Alignment Masterclass
  2. The Prosperity Codes
  3. The Dharma Codes
  4. The Communication & Relationship Codes
  5. Master Your Mindset
  6. Fear to Freedom
  7. Root to Rise
  8. Soulful CEO
  9. The Fundamentals of Finding Fulfillment
  10. The Yoga Sutra: a growing video library
  11. Video and audio library of mind, body, soul practices


✔️One NEW masterclass uploaded to your library every month. (many masterclasses will also be offered LIVE)

✔️SUPER BONUS: One Live Group hot seat/coaching call with Joy via zoom every month

✔️AMAZING! you'll receive daily messages/inspiration, and behind-the-scenes access to my life and business via a private members only podcast.

✔️Topics of the month such as abundance, money, mindset, personal power, soulful leadership, confidence, business, relationships, healing anxiety, happiness, and more.

✔️ A growing community and network of high-vibe, like-minded, soulful, heart-led SUPPORTIVE women cheering you on and showing each other what is possible. 

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Jane Bondurant

I was reading many books and had great ideas about what to do, but didn’t seem able to make the shifts I needed. Working with Joy  has made a huge difference. This week I found myself journaling a list of situations I encountered that week -some difficult- and realized how happy I was at the way I approached each situation and handled it. I realized then how much this work is affecting the way I live my daily life and I’m so grateful for Soul Subscription and Joy Stone.

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Grace Lapowitz

I am so thankful to be a part of Soul Subscription! Joy has created a genuinely supportive community that meets online every month. We share our goals, our struggles, our setbacks, and our achievements. Joy has given me tools that I can use daily to change the way I think and to make better decisions that lead me to live with more purpose. I no longer feel stuck or alienated. Instead I am more conscientious, hopeful, and grateful to be alive.

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Katie Rose

I feel like Soul Subscription is the most amazing opportunity. It's sooo good! I've been on a healing path for a long time and so much of what Joy teaches has already filled in so many oles for me. The content makes all the difference in the world and is beyond valuable. I am so thrilled to be a part of it. Send anyone to me who wants a reference! I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart. 

Joy Stone

is a dynamic mindset, life & business mentor, anxiety slayer, and conduit of light for soulful women and female visionaries. She is a two-time bestselling author of Releasing Self-Doubt and If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? Joy uniquely combines positive psychology and yoga psychology to help her clients heal, align, and elevate their soul’s journey. She received her positive psychology training under Harvard Professor, Tal Ben Shahar and holds numerous certifications in mindfulness, meditation, breathing practices, and yoga therapy.

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