Hello Beautiful 

Feeling unworthy or not good enough are among the most common emotional wounds or energy blocks that limit happiness, personal freedom and fulfillment.


Recent Research has unveiled the fact that our bodies have great capacity, when it comes to storing bad memories. The body processes some of these memories and the rest is passed onto our nervous system where it rests untreated for several years to come, until one takes a conscious step to get rid of it.


You have an "energetic system" that mirrors your nervous system. This energetic system includes seven centers (chakras) that govern emotions such as worthiness, self-esteem, personal power, intuition and the feeling you are safe and connected to something bigger.


What has become clear through my own personal work with these energy centers, especially the root chakra, is that what you most desire is already within your soul's blueprint. It’s God given. But to see it and receive it you must believe in yourself and that you are fully worthy of it. 


That's why the inner work always trumps strategy. 


The root chakra is your energetic foundation, that when balanced and harmonized can unlock the inevitable realization of your dreams ~ whether that be a happy and fulfilling relationship, more clients in your biz, a healthy vibrant body or something else🤍


The root chakra acts as the link between the physical world and your inner world. Balancing and anchoring your root chakra through the cultivation of self-trust and self-belief, claiming your self-worth plus getting clear on what your soul desires right now will give you the safe place from which you can express yourself freely and manifest your souls calling 🤍


In Root To Rise you will deepen your roots of self-belief, security and personal power so you can grow and flourish with ease. 


This has been life changing for me and for the hundreds of women I have mentored.


What's inside:

Pre-Work: Wisdom temple reflection/meditation and and introduction to the root chakra.

Day 1: Your relationship with yourself determines the rest of your life.

Day 2: Power of belief and rewriting old rules

Day 3: Time, 3 versions of you and a daily embodiment ritual

Day 4: Strengthening your vessel + mindset

Day 5: Embodiment of your best self + Lets GO energy forward. 

Custom workbook 

Root To Rise transformation


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