Sacred Sadhana & Breakthrough Session

It's time for YOU to be in control

Maybe it's a way of thinking or feeling that is holding you back. Maybe it's a bad relationship or communication cycle, inability to set boundaries, or the fear of asking for what you really want. It might be anxiety, stress, self-doubt, or second-guessing yourself that is making your life hard.

It could be a BREAKTHROUGH in your wellbeing, health, mindset, happiness, purpose, or business that you know you need to make. You're ready to fully let the distressing triggers and old way of operating GO so you can finally mover forward without it holding you back.

In this 90 minute breakthrough session I am going to teach you two cheat codes from yoga psychology that will help you let it go once-and-for-all. No more living on repeat! Instead you'll know how to BREAKTHROUGH to create what you DO want.

If you're ready to leave "it" behind for good, book this call with me now. 

AND you'll get a personalized SADHANA ~ your daily mantra, meditation, mudra and sutra to practice daily that will enable you to continuously expand and empower you to reclaim your inner calm, confidence and clarity for good.


xx. Joy


P.S. Once you make your payment you will be directed to a page to schedule your session which will be done via zoom, and you will have access to the recording for a lifetime. 

$333.00 USD