...and a lot of letting go


When I was born my mom and dad were very young and struggling to find themselves while dealing with addiction and alcohol abuse. As is common, they both came from families with similar issues.

I know my parents loved me but I grew up lacking many things other kids took for granted. In my early childhood we didn't even have a house. We lived on an old school bus. I was around the seedy side of the not so groovy hippie scene of drugs and alcohol and I didn't get to attend dances, play on sports teams or have many friends. I did however get the opportunity to discover a  heightened awareness of myself (but not in a good way) which developed into anxiety and depression.

At age ten, I was often left home alone to care for my newborn brother taking on the role and responsibilities of a mother. Many mornings before school I had to not only feed and clothe myself but also my baby brother. I would then take him down the street to my grandmother's house not knowing whether or not she would take him (she too had an alcohol problem). After school I'd rush back to take care of him until my mom got home. I never knew when my mom would come home; sometimes it would be long after my brother and I were asleep

I had no security or role models in my life. Without getting into detail I faced many kinds of abuse at the hands of strangers, neighbors and relatives. I could write a book about the things I went through as a child growing up.

But for now I want you to know that I understand if you too had challenges in your past (big or small ) that you're now allowing to hold you back.

As a teenager I sought relief from my fears, anger and lack of confidence and I was soon facing my own struggles with alcohol. My emotional, spiritual and physical bottom came early...  by the age of 24 I was no longer drinking and I desperately accepted the opportunity to face myself - the pain, anger and fear that was running my life. 

For the last 23 years I've sought out teachers, mentors, therapy, rehabilitation programs, recovery programs, yoga, gurus, education, school, workshops, trainings, retreats - you name it!

I've spend tens of thousands of dollars searching and what I ultimately found is a solution that really works. A solution to all the things that were holding me back and many of the same things that hold us all back.

For over a decade I've been teaching, coaching and educating on this foundational success principle ...

...It doesn't matter what we want and It doesn't matter how we define success and happiness - we will eventually have to make space for it. Lasting happiness is rooted in knowing who we truly are - it's grounded in connection. 

We must clean out and remove what is blocking us and choose (again and again) to allow the truth of who we are to emerge. This requires taking responsibility for our own lives - no matter what has happened or how strongly we believe in our excuses. We are 100% capable of changing and transforming our lives.

Learning how to become the maker of my happiness has been THE #1 most empowering education of my life.  

Defining personal happiness has been the path to soul-centered success in my life. It has led to incredible growth, personal development and the ongoing fulfillment of living a life that is defined by me, not conventional definitions of "making it". 

A Conscious Decision



To take personal responsibility...

For everything

One of my favorite quotes to live by is from Wayne Dyer, “when you change the way you see things, the things you see change”.  

We have the power to change the way we see anything therefore to change everything, no matter what has happened in the past or where we are right now.

After years of being stuck, I finally became committed to managing my mind and emotions and taking new actions. I began a journey of owning my life and deciding to take responsibility for everything I had control over. This placed me in a position of radical inner freedom to create the life I live today.

I believe we must focus on what we want rather than what we don't want


 MY CORE BELIEFS About Who We Are 

  • We are bigger than any obstacle you face
  • Personal Responsibility is the highest form of spirituality
  • We are constantly co-creating our experience.
  • Whatever the problem is, YOU are the answer
  • Disconnection is the ultimate diagnosis, to anything
  • Connection to our TRUTH will always lead to freedom 
  • Clarity is power
  • Self Care is essential to happiness, wellbeing and success
  • What we're feeling we're attracting and activating
  • What we focus on expands
  • Success, like happiness, must be personally defined
  • People will become exactly who they believe they are
  • Beliefs are not facts, but they run our lives. So Believe in what's possible and good
  • What we think we become
  • Suffering is optional
  • We are a creators shaping our experience through our mindset
  • Change begins within us before it can manifest in our lives.

Becoming a Coach...

Is the result of an  Inner calling to share what I have learned - and to teach and Inspire PEOPLE...

Step-by-step how to become conscious thinkers, believers and choice makers n their own lives, capable of experiencing incredible happiness, purpose and joy no matter where they've been or what they're experiencing now.
We become conditioned to away of seeing life that doesn't always serve us. Seeing life from a new perspective is part of letting go of the old definitions of who we think we are - and part saying yes to getting fulling engaged in the life we want and the person we want to be.

Education and Professional Background

I am certified in both Positive Psychology Coaching and Applied Positive Psychology (CIPP) -- the study of optimal human flourishing and resilience. 

I received my education under Harvard Professor, Tal Ben-Shahar, Kripalu Institute and Wholebeing Institute.

I am also a certified Yoga Teacher in the Anusara style -- a therapeutic application of yoga psychology and practice. 

My life coaching practice uniquely integrates modern research from positive psychology and neuroscience with life-empowering practices from yoga therapy and spiritual psychology.

Prior to a Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach, I enjoyed a successful fourteen year career in the travel industry working in such roles as Business Development Manager with Expedia and Leisure Sales Manager with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

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