Fear To Freedom is the Ultimate Healing Course to Unlock Your Freedom From Fear & Anxiety For Good. 

   This is a life changing course that will lead you back home to yourself to experience the inner-peace and joy you deserve. You will learn how to detach from the fear and anxiety that slows your soul's journey and take back control of your life.



This course will change your life forever. 


It's not a quick fix. Instead it's a solution that empowers you to live peacefully and freely no matter your life history or circumstances. Fear To Freedom is a unique blend of spiritual principles, science based strategies and mindset work that will empower you with a solution for real change.


In this comprehensive and holistic course you will...


✔️ Learn the essential spiritual and mindset shifts necessary to have freedom from anxiety and fear

✔️ Identify the three misperceptions about anxiety that keep you from being truly happy

✔️ Discover the foundational first step toward inner harmony

✔️ Make decisions that will help you become the person you know you are meant to be

✔️ Develop the intuition and confidence to live with more calm, clarity, and joy


→ No more feeling stuck

→ No more being controlled by circumstances

→ No more fear of the future

→ No more managing symptoms


Why Am I Qualified to Guide You On This Journey, Now?


I spent more than two decades working hard on myself trying to manage and reduce the anxiousness and self-doubt brought on from childhood traumas. I invested time, energy, money... I studied with some of the best thought leaders and spiritual teachers in the fields of positive psychology, recovery and yoga therapy. I tried yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, retreats, diets, therapy and so much more, but I was still anxious. It was exhausting. 


In 2012, during a moment of incredible self-doubt and discouragement that I was still dealing with fear and uncertainty I had a moment of clarity from which I received an intuitive message. It included three spiritual insights that helped me unlock my freedom from anxiousness and doubt for good.  


I immediately went home and called my mentor and told her everything. Then,  wrote it all down in my journal. What was before me in my own handwriting was a new way of living ~ a new path to freedom from anxiety. And more importantly, a solution that would allow me to experience the freedom, joy and inner-peace I'd been searching for all of my life. 


I began putting everything into practice. The results were life-changing on every level. Life became easier and more fun. I was able to be present instead of anxious. I began living in a state of trust and joy. I felt in control of my mind and my life for the first time, ever. 


In 2016, I officially launched what is now called Fear to Freedom. Since then I've helped over a hundred women gain the tools and wisdom to transform their lives from just surviving to having the skillset and soul-shift to be fully in control of what they think, believe, feel and do.. It's been absolutely amazing to see the miracles that have taken place in the lives of so many women.


In 2020 I knew it was time to share more. I wrote my first book If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? which became a bestseller in 2 categories and 4 countries on Amazon. Then, In 2021, inspired by my book, I enhanced and elevated the Fear To Freedom experience including its content, application and delivery to help more women set themselves free from feeling anxious, tired, scared and overwhelmed - to living their lives on their terms with peace, ease and joy.

Fear To Freedom is for you, if you're ready to: 

✔︎ Feel fully comfortable to be yourself in any moment and any situation. 

✔︎ Feel liberated from fear so you can live your life knowing you are powerful, strong and limitless to reach your goals. 

✔︎ Live peacefully guided by your intuition without endlessly managing fear and anxiety and overthinking everything!

✔︎ Believe in yourself on a deep level and act accordingly.

✔︎ Be calm and successful on the inside and leave fear and anxiety in the dust, for good. 


You will walk away from this highly transformative program knowing how to experience more calm, confidence and freedom on the inside and in your daily life. You will learn how to create lasting change in your mind, body and emotions so that symptoms don't overwhelm or control you. You'll discover a game-changing method that puts you in the drivers seat of your life for good AND learn what's really perpetuating anxiety ~ and what isn't. You will gain insight and strategies to feel more grounded, safe and at ease within yourself no matter what is going on around you. 


This program is delivered in 9 separate modules

Module 1: Setting the Foundation  

Module 2: Your Belief Window . 

Module 3: Filling In Your Puzzle

Module 4: No One Is Coming  

Module 5: Everything Is Created Twice

Module 6: Let Go of The Peanuts  

Module 7: Set Yourself Free 

Module 8: Choose Your Reality  

Module 9: Your Path Forward 

✔︎ Each module has an in depth workbook to help you capture the lesson and put into action, right now.

✔︎ You'll also receive a free digital copy of my bestselling book, If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious + Companion Material.

If you're a woman who has tried everything (yoga, meditation, breathing, therapy and more) but you're still feeling anxious... FEAR TO FREEDOM is for you. And if you’re still not sure- check out the testimonials from the women who have already taken the journey. 


Xo, Joy


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