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5-Week Game Changing Intensive + Mastermind For The Woman Ready to Set Into Motion the Bravest, Boldest, Best Version of Herself, YET!

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Are you ready for your next level of freedom, joy and success? 

Are you a woman ready to Level UP your confidence and self-belief? Are you ready to create the positive change your soul is seeking? Do you want to stop letting fear or doubt hold you back from getting what you truly desire next for you life, relationships or business? 

Do you want to feel more grounded in who you truly are and live each day with greater ease, fulfillment and self-love? 

... Then, Level UP is for you. 

It's 5 transformational weeks where I'll guide you through a whole new level of self-discovery that will set into motion massive positive change for your life, business and relationships in game-changing magnitude. Level UP is for you if you're ready to step into the next best version of yourself up level your mindset, soul connection and live your life to the fullest!

You'll be immersed in positive life-strategies, spiritual principles and GAME-CHANGING mindset work to help you create radiant success within yourself that translates into more joy, ease and freedom in your life.

The woman who is a perfect fit for this program is:

> Ready to call in new levels of freedom, abundance, self-confidence and self-love.

> Ready to be define success on her terms and feel successful on the inside too!

> Ready to adopt strategies that work best for her and drop strategies that don't.

> Believes or is open to believing she is worthy of whatever she desires.

> Ready to leave anxiety, fear and self-doubt in the dust, and level UP to her highest self.

> Ready to co-create life from a game-changing new relationship with herself.  

This is NOT another quick fix or short-term solution for fear, doubt, or unhappiness. 

By the end of 5 weeks you’ll know how to embody the very best version of yourself in any situation. You'll have my secret formula to continuously and positively shift your perception so that life is always working for you. And you'll know how to use my 3-part-method that will give you the exact tools to be in control of what you think, believe, feel and do no matter what is going on around you. 

I created Level UP for you because
it's everything I needed and wished I could have found when I was really searching for answers.

I brought myself through this process and now I want to do the same for you.

Since 2012, I've continuously leveled up my own confidence. I've created my own happiness and success. I built a 6 figure yoga business, then pivoted to mentoring and coaching women to overcome fear and anxiety, to build their confidence and to live their best lives. I've written two best selling books and build a massively fulfilling coaching business doing what I love.  

My intention with the Level UP program is to teach you everything I know in terms of successful living and how to set into motion new levels of freedom and joy in your life permanently!

The next group begins May 30th. 

Space is super limited. Just 10 spots available.


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Patty Baltes, Artist 

Before working with Joy I felt lost. I had a lot of anxiety and worry about my future. I didn’t know who I was and where I fit in my life. I had a desire to know myself and my purpose. I was doing a lot of personal development, spiritual work and taking course after course - even taking wonderful notes - but my fears and insecurities just didn’t go away. After working with Joy, I truly know who I am, and my purpose in life. The difference with Joy vs other coaching programs I've attended is that her techniques create an experiential experience which is incredibly transformational, and not just informational. She empowered me to be the hero of my own story! I highly recommend working with Joy
Anjela E.
Working with Joy completely transformed my life and my perspective. I am in control of what I think, believe, feel, and do. I have a positive mindset and focus on the present. I no longer live in the past or worry about the future. I appreciate each day. I feel empowered to see and enjoy blessings everywhere. For too long, I was not able to do that."

Carolyn B.

"Before working with Joy I was suffering with self-defeating and obsessive thoughts. I couldn't break the loop. After working with Joy I feel more calm and have developed more confidence, and new belief systems that support my happiness. I have a new and empowering way of living!"
Grace L.
"Anxiety, self-doubt, and fear had been deeply ingrained in my sense of self to the point that it was debilitating. Working with Joy transformed how I view myself, and has given me empowering and pragmatic ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing the world and my place in it.A truly illuminating and liberating experience!"

Hi, I’m Joy Stone –

Seasoned positive psychology life coach, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author

After years of struggling with my own anxiety and self-doubt — and decades of searching and studying with world-renowned teachers — I finally figured out the thing that was missing from everything I was learning... 

Now, I am on a mission to help as many women as possible. 

My Level UP Program features the same exact content that has helped my private coaching clients grow life changing self belief and freedom from the inside out  – at a fraction of the cost.

My intention is to reach more women with my proven strategies & game-changing mindset work to change more lives, yet at an affordable price for those who have a sincere desire to grow and have more freedom to live their life to the fullest.

Is that you?

If you’re ready to increase your confidence and joy and grow your happiness, I’d love to be your Mentor and help you overcome your stuck points and achieve your most important goals. I've helped many other women do the same. And I'd love to help you too!


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Level Up is a 5 week Game Changing Intensive + Mastermind for me to help you learn and embody all things equal to you becoming the bravest, boldest and best version of yourself, yet!

  You’ll Identify the roadblocks that keep you from moving forward.
✔ You’ll learn how to powerfully shift your mindset for more joy + confidence.
✔ You’ll develop effective tools + strategies for overcoming fear, self-doubt + anxiety no matter what’s going on around you.
✔ You’ll learn how to set boundaries, stay centered + prioritize life-affirming habits once-and-for-all. 
✔ You’ll discover how to become completely grounded within yourself, affirm your worthiness + be truly happy. 
✔ You’ll cultivate the inner strength + wisdom to be authentically you + live your life by your own design.

If you're ready to unlock your fullest potential

Then, Level UP is for you! 

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Become the Woman You Were Born to Be Before
Fear, Anxiety & Self-Doubt Got in the Way 

Sheri Ridelle, TN
Working with Joy, and attending her workshops and trainings has been life changing! The difference with Joy, versus other programs I've attended, is it that she gave me tools to know HOW to think in an empowered way (not just a quick-fix) and how to show up as a leader in my life and business. This has made a huge difference in my life.
Cathy W, NY
I cannot remember the last time, if ever, I have felt as happy as I do now! I’ve been to many coaches over the years & no one or no strategy has ever made as much sense or difference in my life that the work Joy and I have accomplished. I've learned to break habits that have been with me for decades. I am now very mindful of my thoughts, my emotions, my reactions. I have taken take control of all aspects of my life and my happiness!
Lynda Kreesh
Before working with Joy I knew I had issues with setting boundaries, which only caused frustration, stress, and anxiety. Through my work with Joy I learned to speak my truth and more easily set boundaries.  Joy is an incredibly gifted teacher. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking freedom from self-doubt, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, and all that goes with it."
Kym Churchman
"Joy has helped me take control of my life and live free from self-doubt and the fear of what other people think about me. I now have a map to find my way back home to my authentic self - no matter what happens around me."

 Level UP, Now!

Grab Your Spot

Level UP IS for you if you are...

  • Open to allow and create more self-confidence, joy, and abundance into your life.

  • Willing and ready to take ownership of your life story + release limiting beliefs that do not serve the highest version of you.

  • Ready to be coached, supported, and discover a proven roadmap that will give you the power to create massive positive change, in your life.

  • Open to soulful  principles + ready to take aligned action that will help you reconnect to who you truly are, and your deepest truth.

  • Want a positive community, plus a mentor who'll help you stay committed to yourself, in alignment with your vision, and connected to your heart and soul.

  • Ready to invest in yourself + want to leave self-doubt and anxiety behind you -- and claim your joy.

Level UP IS NOT for you if you are...

  • Not open to a proven roadmap that can positively transform your inner and outer world.

  • Not ready or willing to change yourself to experience more happiness, confidence, and freedom in your life.

  • Not open to help from a mentor or coach who has been where you are and can help you move forward.

  • Not willing to invest in yourself.

  • Not interested in being in a community with other inspiring, positive, and like-minded women who are UP leveling to be the best version of themselves. 

  • Not willing to show up for yourself.

  • Not willing to show up and do the work.

5 weeks. 5 Game changing lessons.

5 Hot seat group calls. You deserve to live your life from a place of power. 


Week One: Self-Love

The relationship you have with yourself influences every other relationship and experience you have in your life.

Week Two: Self-Worth 

When you know who you truly are and how to embody your most valuable inner assets everything in your life changes - for the good

Week Three: Self-Image 

How you feel, think and believe is always activating and "attracting" your outcomes. Knowing how to become the energetic and vibrational match to the life you want is a game-changer

Week Four: Self-Confidence 

Confidence is key to increasing your results and to living your fullest and best life possible.

Week Five: Self-Esteem 

I truly believe that what you claim is yours. Self-esteem is the bridge that enables you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Plus... Final talk/thoughts to support your journey forward

BONUS: Master Your Mindset 4-Part Audio Training

  • Defining Mindset:

  • Power of Choice

  • Thoughts & Beliefs

  • Master Your Mindset

How it works:

During each of the 5 weeks together, you will receive a training in the beginning of the week along with it’s corresponding workbook and a group hot-seat zoom call at the end of the week to ask questions and to receive personalized coaching and feedback to help you to effectively implement that week’s training. (5 group hot-seat zoom calls total, on Thursdays)

*Group hot seats are where we all meet on zoom and each person has time to ask questions and get support.

* If you cannot make it to a call, you will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time!


If you are a woman who has been on a personal development or spiritual journey for a while, and you desire to get to the next level of freedom and live your one precious life with more ease and fun  … Level UP is for you.

And if you’re still not sure- check out the testimonials on this page from the women who have already taken the journey.

Can’t wait to Level UP with you.

Begins May 30th

Space is limited. Claim Your Seat. 

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