Take Back Your Power, Rewrite Your Story & Become the Guru of Your Own Life.


For the self-aware woman who appears successful on the outside but feels stuck on the inside. This proven East + West Method is your key to breaking free from overthinking, indecision, and self-doubt. It's time to unlock the incredible potential that lies within you and unleash the radiant, confident, and joyful woman you were always meant to be.

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You're trying SO hard — but you're still overthinking, second-guessing yourself, and sometimes not even sure who the heck you are.


I've been there...

Attending workshops, reading books, and filling up countless journals, only to feel like I wasn't making any real progress.


It's. So. FRUSTRATING. Right? You want results (the kind you can see & feel) from all the self-work you're doing!





Everything you're doing — all the journaling, analyzing, praying, reciting your positive affirmations, downloading every freebie on mindset, manifestation and healing you can find, etc, etc. WON"T work without the right internal foundation in place, first.



For years, women have been conditioned to...


→  Rely on more and more self-help tactics that place the power outside of themselves, and, in most cases, FAIL to create lasting results or the life they really want.

→  "Work on themselves" as if they were some project to fix, instead of know themselves on a deep, intuitive, SOUL level which is THE key to everything you want. 

→  Mistake the tools for the answer instead of activating their God-given wisdom and intuition to create radical change from the inside-out.



If this outdated way of healing, creating and manifesting really worked worked — women would no longer feel stuck, lost or disconnected from themselves. 

But they do! THOUSANDS of women, just like you, struggling with disconnection, indecision, lack of fulfillment, self-doubt, anxiety, and not living their soul's calling!



Does this sound like you?


✔️  You're highly self-aware & have tried everything - yoga, meditations, journaling prompts, breathing exercises, therapy, and more but indecision and overthinking PERSIST.

✔️ On the outside you look like you have it all together. However, deep down, you know the truth. You still secretly suffer from negative thinking and second-guessing yourself.

✔️ You have a collection of self-help books by your bedside & you've listened to countless podcasts, yet, you continue to get tripped up by the same triggers time and time again.

✔️ You feel FRUSTRATED and you're TIRED of investing time and energy into working on yourself without getting the results you want.




Let me shout this from the rooftop!

It doesn't matter how many tools you have — If you're following the wrong map you'll NEVER reach your destination.

The RIGHT MAP is one that leads you back home to yourself.


Soul Aligned IS a proven roadmap

That liberates you from the crazy cycle of dependency on external tools that rarely deliver lasting change. 


Soul Aligned Is NOT another "self-help" program.

You won't be learning to manage triggers, or staring at your past. Instead you’ll be expanding, evolving, and elevating into an awakened, soul-led women... and watching every aspect of your life transform as a byproduct.



THIS, Not That...


→ You don’t want to just “feel less anxious or afraid" — you want to feel worthy, whole and complete within yourself — and as a result, experience a high-level quality of life that radiates from your core.


→ You don’t want to just “examine your problems and fears” — you want to know yourself on a soul level, and feel happy and free... and as a result, effortlessly navigate life's twists and turns with clarity and calm.


→ You don’t want to just “stop overthinking everything” — you want to feel confident in who you are and where you’re going.


→ You want to feel lit up by how you live and what you do — and step into your next level of purpose, peace and presence ... and as a result, trust your intuition and be guided by your own inner-knowing.




Real Talk:

You're smart, capable, and informed... But, even the BEST self-help efforts WON'T work if you don't know who you are at your core.


Soul Aligned is my proprietary method...


A complete step-by-step structure to quiet the monkey mind,  hear your inner wisdom, and consciously create the life you truly desire from the inside out.


It's a tangible, east + west approach anchored in soul-work, energetic alignment, manifesting, spirituality, personal development & positive psychology that will empower you to take control of your life and confidently follow your intuition to live in alignment with your true self.



You'll learn to listen to your intuition, not just manage symptoms.

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Soul Aligned has helped women discover a newfound confidence to...

leap courageously into the present moment and become the wise sage of their own lives.

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In my years of coaching I've seen women get stuck in these patterns....


→ Self-Help Junkies: If you have stacks of books and journals but struggle to turn that information into tangible results in your life, despite deep breaths, yoga classes, and affirmations.


Years of Therapy: If you've invested thousands of dollars and hours into therapy, yet still find it difficult to experience ease, inner peace, soul clarity, and self-trust. You may also struggle to create a life driven by your own decisions, values, and truth.


Soul-led Entrepreneur with Imposter Syndrome: If you feel lonely, isolated, and like a fraud on the inside, but put on a brave face for the world.


Soul Aligned will give you the guidance, clarity, and step-by-step roadmap to find the soul-clarity, self-trust, and courage you're seeking.


The Results


→ Women reclaimed their time, energy, and focus, gaining full control over how they feel. They shifted from reacting and managing symptoms to effortlessly being in control of their inner world. Fear, doubt, and anxiety no longer held them back.


→ Women thrived with increased confidence, hope, peace, soul-clarity, self-trust, and happiness. This empowered them to build businesses, leave draining jobs, find love, improve finances, enhance health, and prioritize self-care.


In Fear To Freedom, I'll guide you step-by-step through my practical framework, combining the best of both worlds — East & West. You too can achieve these transformative results.

Let me show you a soul-powered approach

I've mastered this path from fear to freedom-- both personally and professionally, & now I will help you easily...


Transform information into tangible results without having to endlessly work on yourself.


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Inside Fear To Freedom

Fear To Freedom uniquely combines time-tested and proven strategies from both the East and West —


specifically drawing on my education and expertise in yoga psychology, yoga sutras, spiritual principles, and positive psychology.



⚪ Yoga psychology? 

Yoga psychology goes beyond the physical postures of yoga and aims to enhance mental and emotional balance, self-awareness, and a deeper connection to one's inner self. It draws from the teachings and philosophy of yoga to explore the qualities of the mind and the wisdom of your consciousness. The Yoga Sutra provides a clear roadmap to steady the internal noise (monkey mind) and focus at a soul level, helping you discover your true self and become the woman you were born to be.


⚪ Positive Psychology:

Positive psychology focuses on the positive aspects of human experience and well-being. Unlike traditional psychology, which often addresses disorders & pathologies, positive psychology emphasizes strengths, happiness, wellbeing, and factors that contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life. It seeks to enhance overall joy, resilience, and personal growth. It offers a holistic approach to understanding and improving the human condition. This perspective encourages individuals to not only overcome challenges but also thrive and lead more fulfilling lives. Positive psychology has practical applications in various fields, including mental health, education, and personal development.


Transform Your Life in Just 8 weeks!


You don't want more information! You want Transformation.


📍 In Fear to Freedom, we shift the focus from constantly "working on yourself" and not knowing who the heck you are to to truly knowing your authentic self and embracing your soul's guidance.


📍 Together, we'll build a rock-solid relationship with yourself, realizing that nothing is missing and nothing is lost.


📍 I'll guide you in harnessing the power that already resides within you, allowing you to experience happiness, joy, and freedom right now."

The Fear to Freedom program is built upon my life-changing method...

known as the Transformation Triad.

This powerful framework consists of three essential components that will guide you towards a life of true transformation.


✔️ Your Belief Window: This section will help you understand why traditional self-help methods have kept you feeling stuck. I'll guide you in a new paradigm of healing, growing, and manifesting the quality of life you truly desire from the inside out. No more band-aid solutions or temporary fixes - we'll get to the root of the issue and create lasting change.


✔️ Your World View: Here, we'll uncover the three common mistakes that women are conditioned to make. These mistakes distort your view of life and separate you from your intuition, making everything feel harder. Fear to Freedom will empower you to overcome these obstacles and shift your perspective and actions. You'll gain the clarity and confidence to make decisions that align with your true self, leading to the results you've been longing for.


✔️ Your Soul Circle: This part of the program is like having a trusted guide by your side, helping you uncover a proven path to real transformation. It's about getting to know yourself on a deeper level and using that knowledge to navigate life with confidence and joy. No more relying on quick fixes or temporary solutions to manage triggers. Instead, you'll become the authority in your own story, leading with freedom and authenticity. Get ready to experience lasting change and embrace a life of true fulfillment.

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Program includes 8 LIVE high-level, in-depth activations and training + 8 deep dive group coaching sessions & 8 weeks of daily coaching via a group voxer channel



Module 1: Mantra & Personal Authority

Module 2: Mindset & The Paradigm Shift

Module 3: Manifestation, The Transformation Triad

Module 4: Meditation, Soul Circle

Module 4: Belief Window

Module 6: World View

Module 7: Personal Power

Module 8: Your New Reality


BEGINS January 29, 2024

(everything will be recorded so you can either attend live, or watch the replays)

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What Women Are Saying

About Fear To Freedom


I was stuck for what felt like an eternity, completely disconnected from my inner self and purpose. I was tired of being trapped in old habits and automatic responses. Fear To Freedom completely changed and transformed me in ways I never thought possible. My perspective has done a complete 180, and now I wake up each day with the certainty that it will be amazing. I'm in control of my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. I've developed a positive mindset and focus on the present moment, no longer dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. I've learned to appreciate each day and feel empowered to see and embrace blessings all around me. It's a level of joy and fulfillment I couldn't experience for far too long.


Working with Joy has been an incredible journey of growth and transformation. It's not just about acquiring knowledge, but about learning how to apply that knowledge to make lasting changes in my life. Her coaching style is a unique blend of yoga spirituality (not just the physical poses), psychology, and leveraging our physiology to create new responses in our minds and bodies. Throughout the Fear to Freedom program, I gained a deep understanding of why I was experiencing apprehension and indecision, and most importantly, how to shift my thinking so that those feelings never hold me back again! Joy's openness and acceptance created a safe space for me to dive deep into my thoughts and emotions. She skillfully used real-life situations to teach me valuable life lessons on how to not just "get through" challenging situations, but to actually use them as opportunities for learning, growth, and creating the life I truly desire.


Believe me when I say I've tried every possible solution out there, but nothing seemed to work for me in the long run. Sure, I could temporarily ease some mild anxiety with deep breathing, but it always came back, stronger than ever. That's when I found Joy and her From Fear to Freedom program. Joy didn't just help me understand why my anxiety persisted, she showed me how to conquer it once and for all. Let me tell you, there are no quick fixes in her approach, but every ounce of effort is absolutely worth it. I've learned how to shift my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions about myself and the world around me. Joy taught me how to reclaim control over my life and get to the very root cause of my anxiety. And let me tell you, the rewards from working with her just keep on flourishing. Now, I have more confidence, hope, peace, trust, and happiness than ever before. It's truly been a game-changer for me.


For so long I was completely lost and second guessing myself. I had no idea where I fit into my own life. I had this burning desire to truly know myself, to understand who I really am. I tried all sorts of spiritual work and took countless courses, diligently taking notes, but my fears, self-doubt, and insecurities just wouldn't go away. And worst of all, I had no clue who I truly was. But then I found Joy and her Fear to Freedom program, and everything changed. Joy's approach was different. It wasn't just about taking notes and acquiring knowledge; it was about experiencing the work firsthand. Joy empowered us to become our own heroes, to truly embody the teachings. And let me tell you, it made all the difference. Now, I can confidently say that I know who I am. I am on a journey of growth and self-exploration that will continue to unfold. Joy has given me the tools and guidance to discover my purpose and embrace my true self.



Before I started working with Joy, I was filled with anxiety about my future. It felt like I was trapped in an endless cycle of hopelessness, unsure of how to break free from the lifestyle I was stuck in. But thanks to Fear To Freedom, everything changed. It gave me the confidence and courage to leave a situation that I once believed was impossible to change. It was a complete game-changer for me. Now, I can honestly say that I am happier and more joyful than ever before. I feel a newfound sense of confidence and security that I haven't felt in a long time. Joy helped me identify and change behaviors that were keeping me stuck and anxious. She showed me how to take control of my life, no matter what circumstances I may be facing. She truly taught me a new way of living, one where I feel more hopeful and in charge. If you're feeling stuck or anxious, I highly recommend Fear To Freedom It's been a life-changing experience for me, and I know it can be for you too.


Despite all the books I read, courses I took, and knowledge I gained about human behavior, relationships, boundaries I was still struggling with communicating my needs and confidence in my relationships. I had heard people talk about the importance of meditation and introspection, but I thought it was something for other people, not me. However, when I joined Fear to Freedom, Joy encouraged us to establish a daily meditation practice. I felt awkward and self-conscious at first, but I trusted Joy's guidance and committed to it. And let me tell you, the results have been amazing. Joy's teachings, rooted in yogic principles and Sutras, provided a fresh perspective that I had never considered before. The group work has also been incredibly beneficial, as we share our experiences and receive coaching from Joy. It really highlights our shared humanity and the lessons we can learn from one another. Through Fear to Freedom, I have gained valuable tools to deepen my self-understanding and effectively deal with anxious and stressful thoughts and emotions. I feel liberated from the constant loops of negativity and worry. I am so grateful for this experience and for Joy's respectful, insightful, and kind coaching. If you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and break free from anxiety, I highly recommend Fear to Freedom. It has truly been a transformative journey for me.

Hey There, 

Hi, I'm Joy Stone

Today, I am a soul connection coach, personal development mentor, spiritual teacher and  best-selling author. However, as a little girl growing up in an abusive and challenging childhood, I never imagined that life would lead me here. I was insecure & felt unworthy and out-of-place most of the time. I attribute my personal growth, success, and inner strength to my willingness to stop blaming circumstances and choosing to take total responsibility for the quality of my life — even the parts that were most certainly not my fault. It is this attitude that set me free to be here now sharing my journey with you. In this program, I will guide you step-by-step through my personal, proven, and practical method for living a life filled with soul-clarity, self-trust, and inner peace. This method will work for you, regardless of what you have tried before.


I've spent the last 25 years immersed in my own spiritual journey, and have studied with some of the leading spiritual teachers and thought leaders in the fields of yoga psychology/therapy, positive psychology and spirituality - such as Marianne Williamson, Christopher Wallis, Ram Das, Deepak Chopra and Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, and have now mentored hundreds of women to heal, align and elevate from the inside out.

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When you join Fear To Freedom You Get These...


✔️ The Dharma Codes: Utilizing the wisdom from ancient spirituality and yoga psychology, The Dharma Codes will help you find your true purpose in life. Discovering your dharma requires that you go back home to your internal wisdom and listen to it. Because it is only by going inward that you can really live your one precious life in alignment with your deepest truth. (value $222)


✔️ Fully Curated Fear To Freedom Workbook (value $100)


✔️ Daily Coaching & Community Ask me anything, get real-time support & coaching to integrate and implement each lesson. Also connect with the other incredible women joining you inside this program. ($600 value)


✔️ Free Digital & Audio Copy of my bestselling book, If I'm So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious.




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This is not a coaching call but a free connection call so that Joy can decide if you are a good fit for Fear To Freedom. 

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