How to Create Unshakeable Life Balance

Aug 26, 2019
The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself.

…It took me a long time to actually believe that statement.

I thought it was selfish or somehow ‘wrong” to put myself first. And honestly, there are still days I struggle and find it challenging.

But I’ve noticed those are the days I’m allowing my old beliefs and stories to take center stage. And instead of looking inward for intuitive and reliable guidance, I’m looking outward for permission and acceptance.

In THIS short 10-minute video, I share 3 necessary tools (tips) I’ve learned and use in my own life today.

These three practices have helped me to continually stay teachable and open to what my unique blueprint for inner balance really is, and how it can change daily.

Because as I am learning, what you need and what I need for balance doesn’t always look the same.

We all come into this world with a slightly different constitution and energy.

To honor who we truly are and to allow ourselves to create the conditions in our lives to flourish and thrive is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves — and the world.

The three teachings here are inspired by the yogic principles of balanced relationship (yamas), beginning with the relationship we have with ourselves.

I hope you find this meaningful and helpful. If so, please share with someone you know could be served with these tools as well.

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With love,


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